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106 STAT. 4310 PUBLIC LAW 102-567—OCT. 29, 1992 zone is a line coterminous with the seaward boundary of each of the coasttd States. (11) Tish" means finfish, moUusks, crustaceans, and all other forms of marine animal and plant life other than marine mammals and birds. (12) "Fishing" means— (A) the catching, taking, or harvesting of fish, or any other activity that can reasonably be expected to result in the catching, taking, or harvesting offish; or (B) any operation at sea in preparation for or in direct support of any activity described in subparagraph (A). (13) "Fishing vessel" means— (A) any vessel engaged in catching fish within the Convention area or in processing or transporting fish loaded in the Convention area; (B) any vessel outfitted to engage in any activity described in subparagraph (A); (C) any vessel described in subparagraph (A) or (B). (14) "Incidental taking" means catching, taking, or harvesting a species or stock of nsh while conducing directed fishing for another species or stock offish. (15) "Party" means Canada, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United States, and any other nation that may accede to the Convention. (16) "Secretary" means the Secretary of State. (17) "United States Section" means the United States Commissioners of the Commission. 16 USC 5003. SEC. 804. UNITED STATES COMMISSIONERS. (a) COMMISSIONERS. — The United States shall be represented on the Commission by not more than three United States Commissioners to be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the President. Each United States Commissioner shall be appointed for a term of office not to exceed 4 years, but is eligible for reappointment. Of the Commissioners— (1) one shall be an official of the United States Government; (2) one shall be a resident of the State of Alaska; and (3) one shall be a resident of the State of Washington. An individual is not eligible for appointment under paragraph (2) or (3) as a Commissioner unless the individual is knowledgeable or experienced concerning the anadromous stocks and ecologically related species of the North Pacific Ocean. (b) ALTERNATE COMMISSIONERS. — The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce, may designate from time to time Alternate United States Commissioners to the Commission. An Alternate United States Commissioner may exercise all designated powers and duties of a United States Commissioner in the absence of a duly designated Commissioner for whatever reason. The number of such Alternate United States Commissioners that may be designated for any such meeting shall be limited to the number of authorized United States Commissioners that will not be present. (c) UNITED STATES SECTION.— The United States Section, in consultetion vath the Advisory Panel established in section 805, shall identify and recommend to the Commission research needs and priorities for anadromous stocks and ecologically related species subject to the Convention, and oversee the United States research programs involving suchfisheries,stocks, and species.