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PUBLIC LAW 102-569—OCT. 29, 1992 106 STAT. 4393 and cooperation, that build upon state-of-the-art practices and research findings and that implement the State plan and the supplement to the State plan submitted under part C of title VI; "(4) a description of the specific programs, projects, and activities funded under this part and how the programs, projects, and activities accomplish the objectives; and "(5) specific criteria for determining whether the objectives have been achieved, an assurance that the State will conduct an annual evaluation to determine the extent to which the objectives have been achieved, and, if specific objectives have not been achieved, the reasons that the objectives have not been achieved and a description of alternative approaches that will be taken. "SEC. 122. PROCESS FOR DEVELOPING STRATEGIC PLANS. 29 USC 742. "(a) PERIOD AND UPDATES.— The strategic plan shall cover a 3-year period and shall be updated on an annual basis to reflect actual experience over the previous year and input from the State Rehabilitation Advisory Council established under section 105, individuals with disabilities, and other interested parties. " (b) RECOMMENDATIONS.—Prior to developing the strategic plan, the State shall hold public forums and meet with and receive recommendations from members of the State Rehabilitation Advisorv Council and the Statewide Independent Living Council established under section 705. "(c) CONSIDERATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS.—The State shall consider the recommendations and, if the State rejects the recommendations, shall include a written explanation of the rejection in the strategic plan. "(d) PROCEDURE.— The State shall develop a procedure for ensuring ongoing comment from the councils described in subsection (b) as the plan is being implemented. " (e) DISSEMINATION. —The State shall widely disseminate the strategic plan to individuals with disabilities, disability organizations, rehabilitation professionals, and other interested persons. "SEC. 123. USE OF FUNDS. 29 USC 743. "A State may use funds made available under this part, directly or by grant, contract, or other arrangement, to carry out— "(1) programs to initiate and expand employment opportunities for individuals with severe disabilities in integrated settings that allow for the use of on-the-job training j to promote the objectives of title I of the Americans with I Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12111 et seq.); "(2) programs or activities to improve the provision of, and expand, employment services in integrated settings to individuals with sensory, cognitive, physical, and mental impairments who have traditionally not been served by the State vocational rehabilitation agency; "(3) programs and activities to maximize the ability of individuals with disabilities to use rehabilitation technology in employment settings; "(4) programs and activities that— "(A) assist employers in accommodating, evaluating, training, or placing individuals with disabilities in the workplace of the employer consistent with provisions of