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PUBLIC LAW 102-573—OCT. 29, 1992 106 STAT. 4539 "(A) the liability of individuals under subparagraph ' (A) or (B) of section 104(b)(5) for the breach of contracts entered into under section 104; and "(B) the liability of individuals under section 108(1) for the breach of contracts entered into under section 108; and "(2) the aggregate amount of interest accruing during the preceding fiscal year on obligations held in the Fund pursuant to subsection (d) and the amount of proceeds from the sale or redemption of such obligations during such fiscal year. "(c)(1) Amounts in the Fund and available pursuant to appropriation Acts may be expended by the Secretary, acting through the Service, to make payments to an Indian tribe or tribal organization administering a health care program pursuant to a contract entered into under the Indian Self-Determination Act— "(A) to which a scholarship recipient under section 104 or a loan repayment program participant under section 108 has been assigned to meet the obligated service requirements pursuant to sections; and "(B) that has a need for a health professional to provide health care services as a result of such recipient or participant having breached the contract entered into under section 104 or section 108. "(2) An Indian tribe or tribal organization receiving payments pursuant to paragraph (1) may expend the payments to recruit and employ, directly or by contract, health professionals to provide health care services. "(d)(1) The Secretary of the Treasury shall invest such amounts Investments, of the Fund as such Secretary determines are not required to meet current withdrawals from the Fund. Such investments may be made only in interest-bearing obligations of the United States. For such purpose, such obligations may be acquired on original issue at the issue price, or by purchase of outstanding obligations at the market price. "(2) Any obligation acquired by the Fund may be sold by the Secretary of the Treasury at the market price.". SEC. 111. COMMUNITY HEALTH AIDE PROGRAM. Title I of the Act (as amended by section 104 of this Act) is amended by adding at the end the following new section: "COMMUNITY HEALTH AIDE PROGRAM FOR ALASKA "SEC. 119. (a) Under the authority of the Act of November 25 USC 1616/. 2, 1921 (25 U.S.C. 13; popularly known as the Snyder Act), the Secretary shall maintain a Community Health Aide Program in Alaska under which the Service— "(1) provides for the training of Alaska Natives as health aides or community health practitioners; "(2) uses such aides or practitioners in the provision of health care, health promotion, and disease prevention services to Alaska Natives living in villages in rural Alaska; and "(3) provides for the establishment of teleconferencing capacity in health clinics located in or near such villages for use by community health aides or community health practitioners. "(b) The Secretary, acting through the Community Health Aide Program of the Service, shall—