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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4693 (II) the authorized beneficiaries (as determined by the Secretary) of any Reclamation project included in the plan; and (iii) shall be developed with appropriate public participation. (C) Each plan described in subparagraph (A) shall provide for the development, use, conservation, protection, enhancement, and management of resources of Reclamation lands in a manner that is compatible with the authorized purposes of the Reclamation project associated with the Reclamation lands. (d) NONREIMBURSABLE FUNDS.— Funds expended by the Secretary in carrying out the provisions of this title shall be nonreimbursable under the Federal reclamation laws (the Act of June 17, 1902 (32 Stat. 388, chapter 1093; 43 U.S.C. 371), and Acts supplementary thereto and amendatory thereof). SEC. 2806. PROTECTION OF AUTHORIZED PURPOSES OF RECLAMA- 16 USC 460/-34. HON PROJECTS. (a) Nothing in this title shall be construed to change, modify, or expand the authorized purposes of any Reclamation project. (b) The expansion or modification of a recreational facility constructed under this title shall not increase the capital repayment responsibilities or operation and maintenance expenses of the beneficiaries of authorized purposes of the associated Reclamation project. The term "benenciaries" does not include those entities who sign agreements or enter into contracts for recreation facilities pursuant to the Federal Water Project Recreation Act. TITLE XXIX—SAN JUAN SUBURBAN WATER DISTRICT SEC. 2901. REPAYMENT OF WATER PUMPS, SAN JUAN SUBURBAN WATER DISTRICT, CENTRAL VALLEY PROJECT, CAU- FORNIA. (a) WATER PUMP REPAYMENT. —The Secretary shall credit to the unpaid capital obligation of the San Juan Suburban Water District (District), as calculated in accordance with the Central Valley Project ratesetting policy, an amount eaual to the documented price paid by the District for piunps and motors provided by the District to the Bureau of Reclamation, in 1991 and 1992, for installation at Folsom Dam, Central Valley Project, California. (b) CONDITIONS. —(1) The amount credited shall not include any indirect or overhead costs associated with the acquisition of the pumps and motors, such as those associated with the negotiation of a sales price or procurement contract, inspection, and delivery of the pumps and motors from the seller to the Bureau of Reclamation. (2) The credit is effective on the dates the pumps and motors were delivered to the Bureau of Reclamation for installation at Folsom Dam. TITLE XXX—WESTERN WATER POLICY REVIEW Western Water Policy Review Act of 1992. SEC. 3001. SHORT TITLE. 43 USC 371 This title may be cited as the "Western Water Policy Review Act of 1992. "