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This page needs to be proofread.

PUBLIC LAW 102-580—OCT. 31, 1992 106 STAT. 4799 Sec. 328. Milwaukee Harbor, Wisconsin. Sec. 329. Arthur Kill, New York and New Jersey. Sec. 330. Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund deposits and expendi> tures. Sec. 331. Conemau^ River Basin, Pennsylvania. Sec. 332. Transfer of locks and appurtenant features, Fox River System, Wisconsin. Sec. 333. Fish and wildlife mitimtion. Sec. 334. Chesapeake Bay beneficial use site management. Sec. 335. Declaration of nonnavigability for portions of Cuyahoga County, Oluo. Sec. 336. Lockwoods Folly River, Brunswick County, North Carolina. Sec. 337. Port Everglades, Florida. Sec. 338. 1993 World University Games. Sec. 339. Nuisance aquatic vegetation in Lake Gaston, Virginia and Nortii Carolina. Sec. 340. Southern West Virginia environmental restoration infrastructure and resource prot^tion development pilot program. Sec. 341. Tennessee River Heritage Museum and Education Facility. Sec. 342. Tennessee Valley Exhibit Commission of Alabama. Sec. 343. Red Rock Dam and Lake, Iowa. Sec. 344. Environmental project modifications, Sacramento River, California. Sec. 346. Bank stabilization and marsh creation. Sec. 346. Connecticut coastal saltmarsh restoration authorization. Sec. 347. Winfield, Bufialo, and Eleanor, West Virginia. Sec. 348. Land conveyance, city of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Sec. 349. Rahway River, New Jersey. Sec. 350. San Francisco Bay, California. Sec. 351. Flood warning response system. Sec. 352. Tarrant Coimty, Texas. Sec. 353. Release of certain use restriction. Sec. 354. Fort Point, Galveston, Texas. Sec. 355. Presidio of San Francisco, California. Sec. 356. Sediment management strategy for Maumee River, Toledo Harbor. Sec. 357. Southeast light on Block Island, Rhode Island. Sec. 358. Allendale Dam, North Providence, Rhode Island. Sec. 359. Lake Degray water supply. Sec. 360. Souris River, North Dakota. Sec. 361. Abandoned and wrecked barge removal. Sec. 362. Quonset Point-Davisville, Rhode Island. Sec. 363. Stillwater, Minnesota. Sec. 364. Stormwater discharges. TITLE IV—INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Sec. 401. International outreach program. Sec. 402. Marine technology review. Sec. 403. La Guardia Dike, New York. Sec. 404. Atlantic Coast of New York. Sec. 405. Sediments decontamination technology. TITLE V—CONTAMINATED SEDIMENT AND OCEAN DUMPING Sec. 501. Short title and definitions. Sec. 502. National Contaminated Sediment Task Force. Sec. 503. Sediment survey and monitoring. Sec. 504. Concurrence by the Administrator. Sec. 506. State ocean dumping requirements. Sec. 506. Site designation. Sec. 507. Permit conditions. Sec. 508. Ocean dumping penalties. Sec. 509. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 610. Report to Congress. SEC. 2. FINDING& Congress finds that—