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106 STAT. 5112 PUBLIC LAW 102-588—NOV. 4, 1992 (ii) provides a plan for the development of one or more -^ prototype systems tor use in reducing the development risk of critical system elements and obtaining feedback for scientific users; (iii) provides a plan for research into key advanced technolo^es; (iv) identifies sufficient resources for carrying out the Development Plan; and (v) identifies how the Earth Observing System Data Information System will connect to and utilize other federally- supported research networks, including the National Research and Education Network. (h) REPORT ON SPACE TRANSPORTATION ENHANCEMENT.— By September 30, 1993, the Administrator shall submit to Congress a mil report outlining the specific actions recommended under subsection (b)(2). TITLE n—GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 201. USE OF FUNDS FOR CERTAIN ITEMS AND GRANTS. (a) AUTHORIZED USES. —Appropriations authorized under this Act for "Research and Development" and "Space Flight, Control, and Data Commimications" may be used for— (1) any items of a capital nature (other than acquisition of land) which may be required at locations other than installations of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the performance of research and development contracts; and (2) grants to nonprofit institutions of higher education, or to nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is the conduct of scientific research, for purchase or construction of additional research facilities. (b) VESTING OF TITLE; GRANT CONDITIONS. —Title to facilities described in subsection (a)(2) shall be vested in the United States unless the Administrator determines that the national program of aeronautical and space activities will best be served by vesting title in the grantee institution or organization. Each grant under subsection (a)(2) shall be made under such conditions as the Administrator shall determine to be required to ensure that the United States will receive therefrom benefits adeqiiate to justify the making of that grant. (c) LIMITATION.— None of the funds appropriated for "Research and Development" and "Space Flight, Control, and Data Communications" pursuant to this Act may be used in accordance with this section for the construction of any facility, the estimated cost of which, including collateral equipment, exceeds $750,000 unless the Administrator has notified the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and the Committee on Science, Space, ana Technology of the House of Representatives of the nature, location, and estimated cost of such facility. 42 USC 2459a. SEC. 202. AVAILABILITY OF APPROPRIATED AMOUNTS. Appropriations authorized under this Act for "Research and Development", for "Space Flight, Control, and Data Communications", or for "Construction of Facilities" may remain available until expended. Contracts mcr^ be entered into under "Inspector General and "Research and Program Management" for training.