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106 STAT. 5126 PUBLIC LAW 102-588—NOV. 4, 1992 (2) No project grant application shall be approved by the Secretary unless the Secretary is satisfied that— (A) the project will contribute to the purposes of this section; (B) the project is reasonably consistent with plans (existing at the time of approval of the project) of public agencies which are authorized by the State in which such project is located and which are responsible for the development of the area surrounding the project site; (C) if the application proposes to use Federal Government property, the specific consent of the appropriate Federal agency head has been obtained; (D) the project will be completed without undue delay; (E) the sponsor which submitted the project grant application has the legal authority to engage in the project as proposed; and (F) all additional requirements prescribed by the Secretary have been met. (e) ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS. —(1) It is declared to be national poli^r that projects authorized pursuant to this section shall provide for the protection and enhancement of the natural resources and the quality of the environment of the Nation. In implementing this policy, the Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of the Interior and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency with regard to any project included in a project grant application which may have a significant impact on natural resources including, but not limited to, fish and wildlife, natural, scenic, and recreational assets, water and air quality, and other factors affecting the environment, and shall authorize no such project found to have a significant adverse effect unless the Secretary shall render a finding, in writing, following a full and complete review, which shall be a matter of public record, that no feasible and prudent alternative exists and that all reasonable steps have been taken to minimize such adverse effect. (2)(A) No project grant application may be approved by the Secretary unless the sponsor of the project certifies to the Secretary that there has been afforded the opportunity for public hearing for the purpose of considering the economic, social, and environmental effects of the project and its consistency with the goals of objectives of such planning as had been carried out by the community. (B) When hearings are held under paragraph (2)(A), the project sponsor shall submit a copy of the transcript to the Secretary. (3) No project grant application may be approved unless the Governor of the State in which such project is to be located certifies in writing to the Secretary that tnere is reasonable assurance that the project will be located, designed, constructed, and operated so as to comply with applicable air and water quality standards. In any case where such standards have not been promulgated by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, certification shall be obtained from such Administrator. Notice of certification or refusal to certify shall be provided within 60 days after the project application has been received by the Secretary. (4) The Secretary shall condition approval of any such project grant application on compliance during construction and operation with applicable air and water quality standards.