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106 STAT. 5138 PUBLIC LAW 102-590—NOV. 10, 1992 been sought consistent with the plans, specifications, and schedule submitted by the applicant; and (3) has agreed to meet the applicable criteria and requirements established under subsection (b) (and the Secretary has determined that the applicant has demonstrated the capacity to meet those criteria and requirements). (e) APPLICATION REQUIREMENT.— An entity described in subsection (d) desiring to receive assistance under this section shall submit to the Secretary an application. The application shall set ^ forth— (1) the amount of the grant requested with respect to \ a project; (2) a description of the site for such project; (3) plans, specifications, and the schedule for implementation of such project in accordance with requirements prescribed by the Secretary under subsection (b); and (4) reasonable assurance that upon completion of the work for which assistance is sought, the program will become operational and the facilities will be used principally to provide to veterans the services for which the project was designed, and that not more than 25 percent of the services provided will serve clients who are not receiving such services as veterans. (f) PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. — The Secretary may not make a grant to an applicant under this section luiless the applicant, in the application for the grant, agrees to each of the following requirements: (1) To provide the services for which the grant is fvimished at locations accessible to homeless veterans. (2) To maintain referral networks for, and aid homeless veterans in, establishing eligibility for assistance, and obtaining services, under available entitlement and assistance programs. (3) To ensure the confidentiality of records maintained on homeless veterans receiving services under the grant. (4) To establish such procedures for fiscal control and fund accounting as may be necessary to ensure proper disbursement and accounting with respect to the grant and to such payments as may be made under section 4. (5) To seek to employ homeless veterans and formerly homeless veterans in positions created for purposes of the grant for which those veterans are qualified. (g) SERVICE CENTER REQUIREMENTS. — In addition to criteria established under subsection (b), the Secretary shall, in the case of an application for a grant for a service center for homeless veterans, require that— (1) such center shall provide services to homeless veterans during such hours as the Secretary may specify and shall be open to such veterans on an as-needed, unscheduled basis; (2) space at such center will be made available, as mutually agreeable, for use by staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Labor, and other appropriate agencies and organizations in assisting homeless veterans served by such center; (3) such center shall be equipped and staffed to provide, or to assist in providing, health care, mental health services, hygiene facilities, benefits and employment counseling, meals.