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106 STAT. 5302 PROCLAMATION 6445-JUNE 15, 1992 Article XI—Market Disruption Safeguards 1. The Parties agree to consult promptly at the request of either Party whenever either actual or prospective imports of products originating in the territory or the other Party cause or threaten to cause or significantly contribute to market disruption. Market disruption exists within a domestic industry whenever imports of an article, like or directly competitive with an article produced by such domestic industry, are increasing rapidly, either absolutely or relatively, so as to be a significant cause of material injury, or threat thereof, to such domestic industry. 2. Determination of market disruption or threat thereof by the importing Party shall be based upon a good faith application of its laws and on an affirmative finding of relevant facts and on their examination. The importing Party, in determining whether market disruption exists, may consider, among other factors: the volume of imports of the merchandise which is the subject of the inquiry; the effect of imports of the merchandise on prices in the territory of the importing Party for like or directly competitive articles; the impact of imports of such merchandise on domestic producers of like or directly competitive articles; and evidence of disruptive pricing practices or other efi^orts to unfairly manage trade patterns. 3. The consultations provided for in paragraph 1 of this Article shall have the objectives of (a) presenting and examining the factors relating to such imports that may be causing or threatening to cause or significantly contributing to market disruption, and (b) finding means of preventing or remedying such market disruptions. Such consultations shall be concluded within sixty days from the date of the request for such consultations, unless the Parties otherwise agree. 4. Unless a difiierent solution is mutually agreed upon during the consultations, and notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article I, the importing Party may (a) impose quantitative import limitations, tariff measures or any other restrictions or measures it deems appropriate to prevent or remedy threatened or actual market disruption, and (b) take appropriate measures to ensure that imports from the territory of the other Party comply with such quantitative limitations or other restrictions. In this event, the other Party shall be free to deviate from its obligations under this Agreement with respect to substantially equivalent trade. 5. Where in the judgment of the importing Party, emergency action is necessary to prevent or remedy such market disruption, the importing Party may take such action at any time and without prior consultations provided that such consultations shall be requested immediately thereafter. 6. In the selection of measures under this Article, the Parties shall endeavor to give priority to those which cause the lease disturbance to the achievement of the goals of this Agreement. 7. Each Party shall ensure that its domestic procedures for determining market disruption are transparent and afford affected parties an opportunity to submit their views. 8. The Parties acknowledge that the elaboration of the market disruption safeguard provisions in this Article is without prejudice to the