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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4633 (2) The District may acquire the water rights identified in paragraph (1) prior to completion of the facilities identified in paragraph (3) only by lease and for a period not to exceed two years from willing sellers or by replacement or exchange of water in kind. Such leases may be extended for one additional year with the consent of Wasatch and Utah counties. The District shall Eroceed to Ailfili the purposes of this subsection on an expedited asis but may not lease water from the Daniels Creek Irrigation Company before the beginning of fiscal year 1993. (3)(A) The District shall construct with funds provided for in Saragraph (4) a Daniels Creek replacement pipeline from the ordaneile Reservoir to the existing Daniels Creek Irrigation Company Water storage facility for the purpose of providing a permanent replacement of water in an amount equal to the Strawberry basin water being supplied by the District for stream flows provided in paragraph (1) which would otherwise have been diverted to the Daniels Creek drainage. (B) Such Daniels Creek replacement water may be exchanged by the District in accordance with State law with the Strawberry basin water identified above to provide a permanent supply of water for minimum flows provided in paragraph (1). Any such permanent replacement water so exchanged into the Strawberry basin by the District shall be tendered in accordance with State law witnin thirty days of its exchange by the District to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for the purposes of providing stream flows under paragraph (1). (C) The Daniels Creek replacement water to be supplied by the District shall be at least equal in quality and reliability to the Daniels Creek water being replaced and shall be provided by the District at a cost to the Daniels Creek Irrigation Company which does not exceed the cost of supplying existing water deliveries (including operation and maintenance) through the Daniels Creek diversion. (4) Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201, $10,500,000 shall be available to fulfill the purposes of this section as follows: (A) $500,000 for leasing of water pursuant to paragraph (2). (B) $10,000,000 for construction of the Daniels Creek replacement pipeUne. (C) Funds provided by this paragraph shall not be subject to the requiremente of section 204 and shall be includea in the final cost allo«:;ation provided for in section 211; except that not less than $3,500,000 shall be treated as an expense under section 8, and $7,000,000 shall be treated as an expense under section 5 of the Act of April 11, 1956 (70 Stat. 110; 43 U.S.C. 105). (D) Funds provided for the Daniels Creek replacement pipeline may be expended so as to integrate such pipeline with the Wasateh Coimty conservation measures provided for in section 207(e)(2) and the Wasateh Coimty Water Efficiency Project authorized in section 202(a)(3). (c) STREAM FLOWS IN THE BONNEVILLE UNIT. —The yield and operating plans for the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project shall be established or adjusted to provide for the following minimum stream flows, which flows snail be provided continuously and in perpetuity from the date first feasible, as determined by