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B12 SUBJECT INDEX Page Federal Buildings and Facilities— Continued Edward RRoybal Campus, GA, designation 1753 Laboratory, GA, designation 1753 Esel D. Bell Post Office Building, TX, designation 2222 Ewing T. Kerr Federal Building and United States Courthouse, WY, designation 87 Federal Facility Compliance Act of 1992 1505 Federal Reserve Bank Branch Modernization Act 3144 Frank M. Johnson, Jr., Federal Building and United States Courthouse, AL, designation 86 George C. Young United States Courthouse and Federal Building, FL, designation 2215 Glenn M. Anderson Federal Building, CA, designation 1753 Helen Day United States Post Office Buil(ting, VA, designation 2249 Jake Gam Mission Simulator and Training Facility, TX, designation 1610 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, maintenance and repairs, authorization 3267 John J. Williams Post Office Building, DE, designation 2310 John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building and United States Courthouse, AR, designation 2247 Visitor Center, AR, designation 4813 L. Douglas Abram Federal Building, MO, designation 278 Larkin I. Smith General Mail Facility and Post Office Building, MS, designations 2221 Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building, TX, designation 2263 Mitchell H. Cohen United States Courthouse, NJ, designation 2307 National Gallery of Art grounds, boundary extension 864 Quentin N. Burdick United States Courthouse, ND, designation 3370 Richard H. Chambers United States Court of Appeals Building, CA, designation 1753 Robert A. Grant Federal Building and United States Courthouse, IN, designation 2243 Robert A. Roe Federal Building, NJ, designation 2246 Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse, CA, designation 2216 Silvio O. Conte Federal Building, MA, designation 279 Page spark M. Matsunaga Renewable Energy and Ocean Technology Center, HI, establishment and designation 3080 Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building, DC, designation. 2214 Thomas T. Connally Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, TX, designation 2250 William B. Hoyt II Visitor Center, NY, designation 4811 Zora Leah S. Thomas Post Office Building, NC, designation 843 Fellowships and Schokirships Acquisition Fellowship Program 2468 Army Military History Fellowship Program 2511 Christopher Columbus Fellowship Act 142 Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship Program 3352 Environmental Scholarship and Fellowship Programs 2735 Higher Education Amendments of 1992 448 Legacy Resource Management Fellowship Program 2370 Morris K Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental and Native American Public Policy Act of 1992 78 Films See Communications Financial Institutions See Banks and Banking Fires and Fire Prevention Beixjamin Franklin National Memorial Commemorative Medal and Fire Service Bill of Rights Act 1986 Fire Administration Authorization Act of 1992 3410 National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Act 3417 Fish and WildHfe See also National Wilderness Preservation System National Wildlife Refuge System Central Bering Sea Fisheries Enforcement Act of 1992 4906 Central Utah Project Completion Act 4605 Central Valley Project Improvement Act 4706 Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act 3173 Fishing, maritime boundary agreement, implementation 62 Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Tissue Bank Act 2233