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107 STAT. 172 PUBLIC LAW 103-43—JUNE 10, 1993 "(c) The Director of the Center shall ensure that information under subsection (b) concerning clinical practice guidelines is collected and maintained electronically and in a convenient format. Such Director shall develop and publish criteria for the inclusion of practice guidelines and technology assessments in the information center database. "(d) The Secretary, acting through the Center, shall coordinate the activities carried out under this section through the Center with related activities of the Administrator for Health Care PoHcy and Research.". SEC. 1422. CONFORMING PROVISIONS. (a) IN GENERAL. — Section 903 of the Public Health Service Act, as amended by section 3 of Public Law 102-410 (106 Stat. 42 USC 299a-i. 2094), is amended by amending subsection (e) to read as follows: "(e) REQUIRED INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT.—The Administrator and the Director of the National Library of Medicine shall enter into an agreement providing for the implementation of section 478A.". 42 USC 286d (b) RuLE OF CONSTRUCTION.—The amendments made by section "ot« 3 of Public Law 102-410 (106 Stat. 2094), by section 1421 of this Act, and by subsection (a) of this section may not be construed as terminating the information center on health care technologies and health care technology assessment established under section 904 of the Public Health Service Act, as in effect on the day before the date of the enactment of Public Law 102-410. Such center shall be considered to be the center established in section 478A of the Public Health Service Act, as added by section 1421 of this Act, and shall be subject to the provisions of such section 478A. TITLE XV—OTHER AGENCIES OF NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH Subtitle A—Division of Research Resources SEC. 1501. REDESIGNATION OF DIVISION AS NATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH RESOURCES. Title IV of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 281 et seq.) is amended— 42 USC 281. (1) in section 401(b)(2)(B), by amending such subparagraph to read as follows: "(B) The National Center for Research Resources."; and (2) in part E— (A) in the heading for subpart 1, by striking "Division of and inserting "National Center for"; 42 USC 287. (B) in section 479, by striking "the Division of Research Resources" and inserting the following: "the National Center for Research Resources (in this subpart referred to as the 'Center')"; g use 287a, (C) in sections 480 and 481, by striking "the Division of Research Resources" each place such term appears and inserting "the Center"; and