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107 STAT. 836 PUBLIC LAW 103-82—SEPT. 21, 1993 42 USC 12546. «SEC. 117E. FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL CONTRIBUTIONS. "(a) FEDERAL SHARE. — "(1) IN GENERAL. —The Federal share attributable to this subpart of the cost of carrying out a program for which a grant is made under this subpart may not exceed the percentage specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of section 116(a)(l), as appropriate. " (2) CALCULATION.—Each recipient of assistance under this subpart shall comply with section 116(a)(2). "(b) WAIVER. — The Chief Executive Officer may waive the reqiiirements of subsection (a), in whole or in part, as provided in section 116(b). 42 USC 12547. "SEC. 117F. LIMITATIONS ON USES OF FUNDS. "(a) ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS.— Not more than 5 percent of the amount of assistance provided to a State Commission, grantmaking entity, or qualified organization that is the original recipient of a grant under section 117A(a) for a fiscal year may be used to pay for administrative costs inciured by— "(1) the original recipient; or "(2) the entity carrying out the community-based service programs supported with the assistance. "(b) RULES ON USE.— The Chief Executive Officer may by rule prescribe the manner and extent to which— "(1) such assistance may be used to cover administrative costs; and "(2) that portion of the assistance available to cover administrative costs should be distributed between— "(A) the original recipient; and "(B) the entity carrying out the community-based service programs supported with the assistance. Subpart C—Clearinghouse 42 USC 12551. <«EC. 118. SERVICE-LEARNING CLEARINGHOUSE. " (a) IN GENERAL.— The Corporation shall provide financial assistance, from funds appropriated to carry out subtitle H, to organizations described in suDsection (b) to establish a clearinghouse, which shall carry out activities, either directly or by arrangement with another such organization, with respect to information about service-learning. "(b) PUBLIC OR PRIVATE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS.—Public or private nonprofit organizations that have extensive experience with service-learning, including use of adult volunteers to foster service-learning, shall be eligible to receive assistance under subsection (a). "(c) FUNCTION OF CLEARINGHOUSE.— An organization that receives assistance under subsection (a) may— "(1) assist entities carrying out State or local service-learning programs with needs assessments and planning; "(2) conduct research and evaluations concerning servicelearning; "(SXA) provide leadership development and training to State and local service-learning program administrators, supervisors, service sponsors, and participants; and "(B) provide training to persons who can provide the leadership development and traimng described in subparagraph (A);