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PUBLIC LAW 103-82—SEPT. 21, 1993 107 STAT. 875 "(5) 3 of the members first appointed to the Board shall serve for a term of 5 years. "(d) VACANCIES.—If a vacancy occurs on the Board, a new member shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and serve for the remainder of the term for which the predecessor of such member was appointed. The vacancy shall not affect the power of the remaining members to execute the duties of the Board. " SEC. 192A. AUTHORITIES AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF DIREC* 42 USC 12651b. TORS. "(a) MEETINGS.— The Board shall meet not less often than 3 times each year. The Board shall hold additional meetings at the call of the Chairperson of the Board, or if 6 members of the Board request such meetings in writing. "(b) QUORUM. —A mtgority of the appointed members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. " (c) AUTHORITIES OF OFFICERS. — "(1) CHAIRPERSON.—The Chairperson of the Board may call and conduct meetings of the Board. "(2) VICE CHAIRPERSON.—The Vice Chairperson of the Board may conduct meetings of the Board in the absence of the Chairperson. "(d) EXPENSES. — While away from their homes or regular places of business on the business of the Board, members of such Board shall be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, at rates authorized for employees of agencies under subchapter I of chapter 57 of title 5, United States Code, for persons employed intermittently in the Government service. " (e) SPECIAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES.— For purposes of the provisions of chapter 11 of part I of title 18, United States Code, and any other provision of Federal law, a member of the Board (to whom such provisions would not otherwise apply except for this subsection) shall be a special Government employee. " (f) STATUS OF MEMBERS. — "(1) TORT CLAIMS.— For the purposes of the tort claims provisions of chapter 171 of title 28, United States Code, a member of the Board shall be considered to be a Federal employee. "(2) OTHER CLAIMS. — A member of the Board shall have no personal liability under Federal law with respect to any claim arising out of or resulting from any act or omission by such person, within the scope of the service of the member on the Board, in connection with any transaction involving the provision of financial assistance by the Corporation. This paragraph shall not be construed to limit personal liability for criminal acts or omissions, willful or malicious misconduct, acts or omissions for private gain, or any other act or omission outside the scope of the service of such member on the Board. "(3) EFFECT ON OTHER LAW. —Th is subsection shall not be construed— "(A) to afiect any other immunities and protections that may be available to such member under applicable law with respect to such transactions; "(B) to affect any other right or remedy against the Corporation, against the United States under applicable