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107 STAT. 2478 PUBLIC LAW 103-208—DEC. 20, 1993 20 USC 1094. 20 USC 1096. 20 USC 1098. that July 1 and each succeeding July 1 and shall cover the 1- yeeu* period ending June 30 of the preceding year."; 20 USC 1092b. (38) m section 485B(a)— (A) by striking "part E" and inserting "parts D and E"; and (B) by striking the second period at the end of the third sentence; (39) in section 485B(a)(4), by striking "part E" and inserting "parts D and E"; (40) in section 485B(c), by striking "part B or part E" and inserting "part B, D, or E"; (41) in section 485B(e), by striking "under this part" each place it appears and inserting under tms title"; (42) in section 487(a)(2), by striking ", or for completing

or handling the Federal Student Assistance Report";

(43) in section 487(c)(1)(F), by striking "eligibility for any program under this title of any otherwise eligible institution," and inserting "participation in any program under this title of an eligible institution,"; (44) in section 489(a), by striking "484(c)" and inserting " 484(h)"; (45) in section 491(d)(1), by striking "sections 41 lA through 41 IE and"; and (46) in section 491(h)(1), by striking "subtitle III" and inserting "subchapter III". (i) AMENDMENTS TO PART H OF TITLE IV OF THE ACT.— Part H of title IV of the Act (20 U.S.C. 1099a et seq.) is amended— 20 USC i099a-3. (1) in section 494C(a), by striking the first and second sentences and inserting the following: "The Secretary shall review all eligible institutions of higher education in a State to determine if any such institution meets any of the criteria in subsection (b). If any such institution meets one or more of such criteria, the Secretary shall inform the State in which such institution is located that the institution has met such criteria, and the State shall review the institution pursuant to the standards in subsection (d). The Secretary may determine that a State need not review an institution if such institution meets the criterion in subsection (b)(10) only, such institution was previously reviewed by the State under subsection (d), and the State determined in such previous review that the institution did not violate any of the standards in subsection (d)."; (2) in section 494C(i), by striking "sections 428 or 487" and inserting "section 428 or 487"; 20 USC 1099b. (3) in section 496(a)(2)(A)(i), by inserting "of institutions of higher education" after "membership"; (4) in section 496(a)(3)(A), by striking "subparagraph (A)" and inserting "subparagraph (A)(i)"; (5) in section 496(a)(5)— (A) by striking the period at the end of subparagraph (L) and inserting a semicolon; and (B) by inserting after subparagraph (L) the following: "except that subparagraphs (G), (H), (I), (J), and (L) shall not apply to agencies or associations described in paragraph (2)(A)(ii) of this subsection;"; (6) in the matter preceding paragraph (1) of section 496(c), by striking "for the purpose of this title" and inserting "aa