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PROCLAMATION 6515—DEC. 16, 1992 107 STAT. 2595 22. The article description for the superior text immediately preceding subheading 1604.14.70 is modified by deleting the expression "Atlantic bonito:" and by inserting "Bonito (.Sarda spp.):" in lieu thereof. 23. The article description for subheading 1806.20 is modified by deleting the expression "blocks or slabs" and by inserting the expression "blocks, slabs or bars" in lieu thereof. 24. Note 2 to chapter 19 is deleted and the following is inserted in lieu thereof: "2. For the purposes of heading 1901, the terms "floui" and "meal" mean: (a) Cereal flour and meal of chapter 11, and (b) Flour, meal and powder of vegetable origin of any chapter, other than flour, meal or powder of dried vegetables (heading 0712), of potatoes (heading 1105] or of dried leguminous vegetables (heading 1106)." 25. The article description for heading 2009 is modified by inserting the expressions "not fortified with vitamins or minerals," after the expression "Fruit juices (including grape must) and vegetable juices,". 26. Notes 1(c) through 1(g), inclusive, to chapter 21 are redesignated as 1(d) through 1(h), respectively, and the following new note 1(c) is inserted: "(c) Flavored tea (heading 0902);" 27. Chapter 21 is modified by inserting new additional U.S. notes 1 and 2, as follows: "Additional U.S. Notes 1. Subheadings 2106.90.16 and 2106.90.19 cover vitamin or mineral fortified &uit or vegetable juices that are imported only in concentrated form. Such juices imported in nonconcentrated form are classifiable in subheadings 2202.90.30, 2202.90.35 or 2202.90.39, as appropriate. 2. For the purposes of subheadings 2106.90.16 and 2106.90.19: (a) The term "litef in the "Rates of Duty" column of the provisions applicable to fruit juices means liter of reconstituted fruit juice; (b) The term "reconstituted fruit juice" means the product which can be obtained by mixing the imported concentrate with water in such proportion that the product will have a Brix value equal to that found by the Secretary of the Treasury from time to time to be the average Brix value of like natural unconcentrated juice in the trade and conunerce of the United States; (c) The term "Brix value" means the refractometric sucrose value of the juice, adjusted to compensate for the effect of any added sweetening materials, and thereafter corrected for acid; (d) In determining the number of liters of reconstituted fruit juice which can be obtained from a concentrate, the degree of concentration shall be calculated on a volume basis to the nearest 0.5 degree, as determined by the ratio of the Brix value of the imported concentrated juice to that of the reconstituted juice, corrected for differences of specific gravity of the juices. Any juice having a degree of concentration of less than 1.5 (as determined before correction to the nearest 0.5 degree) shall be regarded as a natural unconcentrated juice; and (e) In determining the degree of concentration of mixed fruit juices, the mixture shall be considered as being wholly of the component juice having the lowest Brix value." 28. Subheading 2106.90 is modified by inserting the following new subheadings, with superior text, in numerical sequence: [Food preparations.. [Other:] .:] "Fruit or vegetable juices, fortified with vitamins or minerals: 2106.90.16 Orange juice 9.250/liter 2106.90.19 Other The rate applicable to the natural juice in heading 2009 Free (E, J) 4.60/liter (CA) Free (E.J) The rate applicable to the natural juice in heading 2009 (A, CA, IL) 180/liter The rate applicable to the natural juice in heading 2009" 29. Notes 1(a) through 1(e), inclusive, to chapter 22 are redesignated as 1(b) through 1(f), respectively, and the following new note 1(a) is inserted: