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108 STAT. 372 PUBLIC LAW 103-233—APR. 11, 1994 of such Act or other such provision of law apply pursuant to subsection (a); and "(B) is authorized and consents on behalf of the State or unit of general local government and himself or herself to accept the jurisdiction of the Federal courts for the purpose of enforcement of his or her responsibilities as such an official. "(d) APPROVAL BY STATES.— In cases in which a unit of general local government carries out the responsibilities described in subsection (c), the Secretary may permit the State to perform those actions of the Secretary described in subsection (b) and the performance of such actions by the State, where permitted by the Secretary, shall be deemed to satisfy the Secretary's responsibilities referred to in the second sentence of subsection (b).". 42 USC 3547. (c) SPECIAL PROJECTS. — (1) IN GENERAL.— (A) RELEASE OF FUNDS. —In order to assure that the policies of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and other provisions of law which further the purposes of such Act (as specified in regulations issued by the Secretary) are most effectively implemented in connection with the expenditure of funds for special projects appropriated under an appropriations Act for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, such as special projects under the head "Annual Contributions for Assisted Housing" in title II of the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 1993, and to assure to the public undiminished protection of the environment, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development may, under such regulations, in lieu of the environmental protection procedures otherwise applicable, provide for the release of funds for particular special projects upon the request of recipients of special projects assistance, if the State or unit of general local government, as designated by the Secretary in accordance with regulations, assumes all of the responsibilities for environmental review, decisionmaking, and action pursuant to such Act, and such other provisions of law as the regulations of the Secretary specify, that would otherwise apply to the Secretary were the Secretary to undertake such special projects as Federal projects. Regulations. (B) IMPLEMENTATION.—The Secretary shall issue regulations to carry out this subsection only after consultation with the Council on Environmental Quality. Such regulations shall— (i) provide for monitoring of the performance of environmental reviews under this subsection; (ii) in the discretion of the Secretary, provide for the provision or facilitation of training for such performance; and (iii) subject to the discretion of the Secretary, provide for suspension or termination by the Secretary of the assumption under subparagraph (A). (C) RESPONSIBILITIES OF STATE OR UNIT OF GENERAL LOCAL GOVERNMENT.— The Secretary's duty under subparagraph (B) shall not be construed to limit any responsibility assumed by a State or unit of general local government