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PUBLIC LAW 103-252—MAY 18, 1994 108 STAT. 643 and services designed to increase family literacy and improve parenting skills; "(3) assist Head Start agencies and programs in conducting and participating in communitywide strategic planning and needs assessment; "(4) assist Head Start agencies and programs in developing full-working-day and full-calendar-year programs where community need is clearly identified and meiking the transition to such programs, with particular attention to involving parents and programming for children throughout a longer day; (5) assist Head Start agencies in better serving the needs of families with very young children; "(6) assist Head Start agencies and programs in the development of sound management practices, including financial management procedures; "(7) assist in efforts to secure and maintain adequate facilities for Head Start programs; and "(8) assist Head Start agencies in developing innovative program models, including mobile and home-based programs."; and (6) in subsection (d), by adding at the end the following: "Special consideration shall be given to entities that have demonstrated effectiveness in educational programming for preschool children that includes components for parental involvement, care provider training, and developmentally appropriate related activities.". SEC. 115. STAFF QUALIFICATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT. The Head Start Act is amended by inserting after section 648 (42 U.S.C. 9843) the following new section: "SEC. 648A. STAFF QUALIFICATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT. 42 USC 9843a. " (a) CLASSROOM TEACHERS.— "(1) DEGREE REQUIREMENTS.—The Secretary shall ensure that not later than September 30, 1996, each Head Start classroom in a center-based program is assigned one teacher who has— "(A) a child development associate (CDA) credential that is appropriate to the age of the children being served in center-based programs; "(B) a State-awarded certificate for preschool teachers that meets or exceeds the requirements for a child development associate credential; "(C) an associate, a baccalaureate, or an advanced degree in early childhood education; or "(D) a degree in a field related to early childhood education with experience in teaching preschool children and a State-awarded certificate to teach in a preschool program. "(2) WAIVER. — On request, the Secretary shall grant a 180- day waiver of the requirements of paragraph (1) with respect to an individual who— "(A) is first employed after September 30, 1996, by a Head Start agency as a teacher for a Head Start classroom; "(B) is enrolled in a program that grants any credential, certificate, or degree specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of paragraph (1); and