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108 STAT. 826 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 1949 (40 U.S.C. 541 et seq.) or an equivalent qualifications-based requirement of a State. This subsection does not apply to the extent a State has adopted or adopts by law a formal procedure for procuring those services, § 5326. Special procurements (a) TURNKEY SYSTEM PROJECTS.— (1) In this subsection, "turnkey system project" means a project under which a recipient makes a contract with a seller, firm, or consortium of firms to construct a mass transportation system that meets specific performance criteria and that the seller operates for a period of time. (2) To advance new technologies and lower the cost of a capital project for a new mass transportation system, the Secretary of Transportation shall allow solicitation for a turnkey system project to be financed under this chapter to be awarded conditionally before United States Government requirements have been met on the project if the award is made without prejudice to carrying out those requirements. Government financial assistance under this chapter may be made available for the project after the recipient complies with Government requirements. (3) To develop regulations applying generally to turnkey system projects, the Secretary may approve at least 2 projects for an initial demonstration phase. The results of the demonstration projects (and other projects using this procurement method on December 18, 1991) shall be considered in developing guidelines to carry out this subsection. (b) MuLTiYEAR ROLLING STOCK. —(1) A recipient procuring rolling stock with Government financial assistance under this chapter may make a multiyear contract to buy the rolling stock and replacement parts under which the recipient has an option to buy additional rolling stock or replacement parts for not more than 5 years after the date of the original contract. (2) The Secretary shall allow at least 2 recipients to act on a cooperative basis to procure rolling stock in compliance with this subsection and other Government procurement requirements. (c) EFFICIENT PROCUREMENT.— ^A recipient may award a procurement contract under this chapter to other than the lowest bidder when the award furthers an objective consistent with the purposes of this chapter, including improved long-term operating efficiency and lower long-term costs. Not later than March 17, 1992, the Secretary shall— (1) make appropriate changes in existing procedures to make the policy stated in this subsection readily practicable for all mass transportation authorities; and (2) prescribe guidance that clarifies and carries out the policy. § 5327. Project management oversight (a) PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN REQUIREMENTS. —To receive United States Government financial assistance for a major capital project under this chapter or the National Capital Transportation Act of 1969 (Public Law 91-143, 83 Stat. 320), a recipient must prepare and carry out a project management plan approved by the Secretary of Transportation. The plan shall provide for— (1) adequate recipient staff organization with well-defined reporting relationships, statements of functional responsibilities, job descriptions, and job qualifications;