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108 STAT. 834 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 than 3 days after being advised of the results of the first confirmation test; (6) ensure appropriate safeguards for testing to detect and quantify alcohol in breath and body fluid samples, including urine and blood, through the development of regulations that may be necessary and in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services; (7) provide for the confidentiality of test results and medical information (except information about alcohol or a controlled substance) of employees, except that this clause does not prevent the use of test results for the orderly imposition of appropriate sanctions under this section; and (8) ensure that employees are selected for tests by nondiscriminatory and impartial methods, so that no employee is harassed by being treated differently from other employees in similar circumstances. Regulations. (e) REHABILITATION. — The Secretary of Transportation shall prescribe regulations establishing requirements for rehabilitation programs that provide for the identification and opportunity for treatment of any mass transportation employee referred to in subsection (b)(1) of this section who is found to have used alcohol or a controlled substance in violation of law or a Government regulation. The Secretary shall decide on the circumstances under which employees shall be required to participate in a program. This subsection does not prevent a mass transportation operation from establishing a program under this section in cooperation with another mass transportation operation. (f) RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER LAWS, REGULATIONS, STANDARDS, AND ORDERS.— (1) A State or local government may not prescribe, issue, or continue in effect a law, regulation, standard, or order that is inconsistent with regulations prescribed under this section. However, a regulation prescribed under this section does not preempt a State criminal law that imposes sanctions for reckless conduct leading to loss of life, injury, or damage to property. (2) In prescribing regulations under this section, the Secretary of Transportation— (A) shall establish only requirements that are consistent with international obligations of the United States; and (B) shall consider applicable laws and regulations of foreign countries. (3) This section does not prevent the Secretary of Transportation from continuing in effect, amending, or further supplementing a regulation prescribed before October 28, 1991, governing the use of alcohol or a controlled substance by mass transportation employees. (g) INELIGIBILITY FOR ASSISTANCE.— A person is not eligible for financial assistance under section 5307, ^309, or 5311 of this title or section 103(e)(4) of title 23 if the person is required, under regulations the Secretary of Transportation prescribes under this section, to establish a program of alcohol and controlled substances testing and does not establish the program. §5332. Nondiscrimination (a) DEFINITION.— In this section, "person" includes a governmental authority, political subdivision, authority, legal representative, trust, unincorporated organization, trustee, trustee in bankruptcy, and receiver.