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108 STAT. 836 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 sections 5307-5312, 5318(d), 5323(a)(1), (b), (d), and (e), 5328, 5337, and 5338(j)(5) shall specify the arrangements. (2) Arrangements under this subsection shall include provisions that may be necessary for— (A) the preservation of rights, privileges, and benefits (including continuation of pension rights and benefits) under existing collective bargaining agreements or otherwise; (B) the continuation of collective bargaining rights; (C) the protection of individual employees against a worsening of their positions related to employment; (D) assurances of employment to employees of acquired mass transportation systems; (E) assurances of priority of reemployment of employees whose employment is ended or who are laid off; and (F) paid training or retraining programs. (3) Arrangements under this subsection shall provide benefits at least equal to benefits established under section 11347 of this title. §5334. Administrative (a) GENERAL AUTHORITY.—In carrying out this chapter, the Secretary of Transportation may— (1) prescribe terms for a project under sections 5307 and 5309-5311 of this title (except terms the Secretary of Labor prescribes under section 5333(b) of this title); (2) sue and be sued; (3) foreclose on property or bring a civil action to protect or enforce a right conferred on the Secretary of Transportation by law or agreement; (4) buy property related to a loan under this chapter; (5) agree to pay an annual amount in place of a State or local tax on real property acquired or owned under this chapter; (6) sell, exchange, or lease property, a security, or an obligation; (7) obtain loss insurance for property and assets the Secretary of Transportation holds; (8) consent to a modification in an agreement under this chapter; and (9) include in an agreement or instrument under this chapter a covenant or term the Secretary of Transportation considers necessary to carry out this chapter. (b) PROCEDURES FOR PRESCRIBING REGULATIONS.— (1) The Secretary of Transportation shall prepare an agenda listing all areas in which the Secretary intends to propose regulations governing Federal activities Under this chapter within the following 12 months. The ^^sister, Secretary shall publish the proposed agenda in the Federal Register pu ica ion. ^g pg^j^ Q£ ^j^g Secretary's semiannual regulatory agenda that lists regulatory activities of the Federal Transit Administration. The Secretary shall submit the agenda to the Committees on Public Works and Transportation and Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Committees on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and Appropriations of the Senate on the day the agenda is published. (2) Except for emergency regulations, the Secretary of Transportation shall give interested parties at least 60 days to participate in a regulatory proceeding under this chapter by submitting written