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108 STAT. 852 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 (3) the architectural integrity of the terminal will be preserved; (4) to the extent practicable, the use of the terminal facilities for transportation may be combined with use of those facilities for other civic and cultural activities, especially when another activity is recommended by— (A) the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation; (B) the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts; or (C) consultants retained under subsection (b) of this section; and (5) the terminal and the conversion project meet other criteria prescribed by the Secretary of Transportation after ^ consultation with the Council and Chairman. (b) ARCHITECTURAL iNTEGRiTY.The Secretary of Transportation must employ consultants on whether the architectural integrity of the rail passenger terminal will be preserved under subsection (a)(3) of this section. The Secretary may decide that the architectural integrity will be preserved only if the consultants concur. The Council and Chairman shall recommend consultants to be employed by the Secretary. The consultants also may make recommendations referred to in subsection (a)(4) of this section. (c) GOVERNMENT'S SHARE OF COSTS. —The Secretary of Transportation may not make a grant under this section for more than 80 percent of the total cost of converting a rail passenger terminal into an intermodal transportation terminal. § 5564. Interim preservation of certain rail passenger terminals (a) GENERAL GRANT AUTHORITY. —Subject to subsection (b) of this section, the Secretary of Transportation may make a grant of financial assistance to a responsible person (including a governmental authority) to preserve a rail passenger terminal under section 5562(a)(2) of this title. To receive assistance under this section, the person must be qualified, prepared, committed, and authorized by law to maintain (and prevent the demolition, dismantling, or further deterioration of) the terminal until plans for its reuse are prepared. (b) GRANT REQUIREMENTS.— The Secretary of Transportation may make a grant of financial assistance under this section only if— (1) the Secretary decides the rail passenger terminal has a reasonable likelihood of being converted to, or conditioned for reuse as, an intermodal transportation terminal, a civic or cultural activities center, or both; and (2) planning activity directed toward conversion or reuse has begun and is proceeding in a competent way. (c) MAXIMIZING PRESERVATION OF TERMINALS.— (1) Amounts appropriated to carry out this section and section 5562(a)(2) of this title shall be expended in the way most likely to maximize the preservation of rail passenger terminals that are— (A) reasonably capable of conversion to intermodal transportation terminals;