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PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 108 STAT. 863 20132. Visible markers for rear cars. • 20133. Passenger equipment. 20134. Grade crossings and reulroad rights of way. 20135. Licensing or certification of locomotive operators. 20136. Automatic train control and related systems. 20137. Event recorders. 20138. Tampering with safety and operational monitoring devices. 20139. Maintenance-of-way operations on railroad bridges. 20140. Alcohol and controflea substances testing. 20141. Power brake safety. 20142. Track safety. 20143. Locomotive visibility. 20144. Blue signal protection for on-track vehicles. SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL §20101. Purpose The purpose of this chapter is to promote safety in every area of railroad operations and reduce railroad-related accidents and incidents. §20102. Definitions In this part— (1) "railroad"— (A) means any form of nonhighway ground transportation that runs on rails or electromagnetic guideways, including— (i) commuter or other short-haul railroad passenger service in a metropolitan or suburban area and commuter railroad service that was operated by the Consolidated Rail Corporation on January 1, 1979; and (ii) high speed ground transportation systems that connect metropolitan areas, without regard to whether those systems use new technologies not associated with traditional railroads; but (B) does not include rapid transit operations in an urban area that are not connected to the general railroad system of transportation. (2) "railroad carrier" means a person providing railroad transportation. §20103. General authority (a) REGULATIONS AND ORDERS.— The Secretary of Transportation, as necessary, shall prescribe regulations and issue orders for every area of railroad safety supplementing laws and regulations in effect on October 16, 1970. (b) REGULATIONS OF PRACTICE FOR PROCEEDiNGS.The Secretary shall prescribe regulations of practice applicable to each proceeding under this chapter. The regulations shall reflect the varying nature of the proceedings and include time limits for disposition of the proceedings. The time limit for disposition of a Eroceeding may not be more than 12 months after the date it egins. (c) CONSIDERATION OF INFORMATION AND STANDARDS.— In prescribing regulations and issuing orders under this section, the Secretary shall consider existing relevant safety information and standards. (d) WAIVERS.— The Secretary may waive compliance with any part of a regulation prescribed or order issued under this chapter if the waiver is in the public interest and consistent with railroad