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108 STAT. 874 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 may use the authority of the Secretary under this chapter and over highway, traffic, and motor vehicle safety and over highway construction. Regulations. (b) SIGNAL SYSTEMS AND OTHER DEVICES. —Not later than June 22, 1989, the Secretary shall prescribe regulations and issue orders to ensure the safe maintenance, inspection, and testing of signal systems and devices at railroad highway grade crossings. (c) DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS. —(1) The Secretary shall establish demonstration projects to evaluate whether accidents and incidents involving trains would be reduced by— (A) reflective markers installed on the road surface or on a signal post at railroad grade crossings; (B) stop signs or yield signs installed at grade crossings; and (C) speed bumps or rumble strips installed on the road surfaces at the approaches to grade crossings. Reports. (2) Not later than June 22, 1990, the Secretary shall submit a report on the results of the demonstration projects to the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate. Regulations. §20135. Licensing or certification of locomotive operators (a) GENERAL.— The Secretary of Transportation shall prescribe regulations and issue orders to establish a program requiring the licensing or certification, after one year after the program is established, of any operator of a locomotive. (b) PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS.— The program established under subsection (a) of this section— (1) shall be carried out through review and approval of each railroad carrier's operator qualification standards; (2) shall provide minimum training requirements; (3) shall require comprehensive knowledge of applicable railroad carrier operating practices and rules; (4) except as provided in subsection (c)(1) of this section, shall require consideration, to the extent the information is available, of the motor vehicle driving record of each individual seeking licensing or certification, including— (A) any denial, cancellation, revocation, or suspension of a motor vehicle operator's license by a State for cause within the prior 5 years; and (B) any conviction within the prior 5 years of an offense described in section 30304(a)(3)(A) or (B) of this title; (5) may require, based on the individual's driving record, disqualification or the granting of a license or certification conditioned on requirements the Secretary prescribes; and (6) shall require an individual seeking a license or certification— (A) to request the chief driver licensing official of each State in which the individual has held a motor vehicle operator's license within the prior 5 years to provide information about the individual's driving record to the individual's employer, prospective employer, or the Secretary, as the Secretary requires; and (B) to make the request provided for in section 30305(b)(4) of this title for information to be sent to the