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PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 108 STAT. 1225 § 45301. Authority to impose fees (a) GENERAL AUTHORITY.— The Secretary of Transportation may impose a fee for an approval, test, authorization, certificate, permit, registration, transfer, or rating related to aviation that has not been approved by Congress only when the fee— (1)(A) was in effect on January 1, 1973; and (B) is not more than the fee in effect on January 1, 1973, adjusted in proportion to changes in the Consumer Price Index of All Urban Consumers published by the Secretary of Labor between January 1, 1973, and the date the fee is imposed; or (2) is imposed under section 45302 of this title. (b) NONAPPLICATION. —This section does not apply to a fee for a test, authorization, certificate, permit, or rating related to an airman or repair station administered or issued outside the United States. §45302. Fees involving aircraft not providing air transportation (a) APPLICATION.—T his section applies only to aircraft not used to provide air transportation. (b) GENERAL AUTHORITY AND MAXIMUM FEES. —The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may impose fees to pay for the costs of issuing airman certificates to pilots and certificates of registration of aircraft and processing forms for major repairs and alterations of fuel tanks and fuel systems of aircraft. The following fees may not be more than the amounts specified: (1) $12 for issuing an airman's certificate to a pilot. (2) $25 for registering an aircraft after the trsmsfer of ownership. (3) $15 for renewing an aircraft registration. (4) $7.50 for processing a form for a major repair or alteration of a fuel tank or fuel system of an aircraft. (c) ADJUSTMENTS. — The Administrator shall adjust the maximum fees established by subsection (b) of this section for changes in the Consumer Price Index of All Urban Consumers published by the Secretary of Labor. (d) CREDIT TO ACCOUNT AND AVAILABILITY. —Money collected from fees imposed under this section shall be credited to the account in the Treasury from which the Administrator incurs expenses in carrying out chapter 441 and sections 44701-44716 of this title (except sections 44701(c), 44703(f)(2), and 44713(d)(2)). The money is available to the Administrator to pay expenses for which the fees are collected. § 45303. Maximum fees for private person services The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may establish maximum fees that private persons may charge for services performed under a delegation to the person under section 44702(d) of this title. SUBPART IV—ENFORCEMENT AND PENALTIES CHAPTER 461—INVESTIGATIONS AND PROCEEDINGS Sec. 46101. Complaints and investigations.