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PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 108 STAT. 1249 (i) operating under an exemption from section 41101(a)(1) of this title that the Secretary grants; and (ii) having at least 2,500 passenger boardings at the airport during the prior calendar year. (2) "airport"— (A) means— (i) an area of land or water used or intended to be used for the landing and taking off of aircreift; (ii) an appurtenant area used or intended to be used for airport buildings or other airport facilities or rights of way; and (iii) airport buildings and facilities located in any of those areas; and (B) includes a heliport. (3) "airport development" means the following activities, if undertaken by the sponsor, owner, or operator of a publicuse airport: (A) constructing, repairing, or improving a public-use airport, including— (i) removing, lowering, relocating, marking, and lighting an airport hazard; and (ii) preparing a plan or specification, including carrying out a field investigation, (B) acquiring for, or installing at, a public-use airport— (i) a navigation aid or another aid (including a precision approach system) used by aircraft for landing at or taking off from the airport, including preparing the site as required by the acquisition or installation; (ii) safety or security equipment the Secretary requires by regulation for, or approves as contributing significantly to, the safety or security of individuals and property at the airport; (iii) equipment to remove snow, to measure runway surface friction, or for aviation-related weather reporting; (iv) firefighting and rescue equipment at an airport that serves scheduled passenger operations of air carrier aircraft designed for more than 20 passenger seats; (v) aircraft deicing equipment and structures (except aircraft deicing fluids and storage facilities for the equipment and fluids); and (vi) interactive training systems. (C) acquiring an interest in land or airspace, including land for future airport development, that is needed— (i) to carry out airport development described in subclause (A) or (B) of this clause; or (ii) to remove or mitigate an existing airport hazard or prevent or limit the creation of a new airport hazard. (D) acquiring land for, or constructing, a bum area training structure on or off the airport to provide live fire drill training for aircraft rescue and firefighting personnel required to receive the training under regulations the Secretary prescribes, including basic equipment and minimum structures to support the training under standards the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration prescribes.