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108 STAT. 812 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 (3) A fellowship under this subsection may be for not more than one year of training in an institution that offers a program applicable to the mass transportation industry. The recipient of the grant shall select an individual on the basis of demonstrated ability and for the contribution the individual reasonably can be expected to make to an efficient mass transportation operation. A grant for a fellowship may not be more than the lesser of $24,000 or 75 percent of— (A) tuition and other charges to the fellowship recipient; (B) additional costs incurred by the training institution and billed to the grant recipient; and (C) the regular salary of the fellowship recipient for the period of the fellowship to the extent the salary is actually paid or reimbursed by the grant recipient. §5313. State planning and research programs (a) COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM. —(1) Fifty percent of the amounts made available under section 5338(g)(3) of this title are available for a mass transportation cooperative research program. Establishment. The Secretary of Transportation shall establish an independent governing board for the program. The board shall recommend mass transportation research, development, and technology transfer activities the Secretary considers appropriate. (2) The Secretary may make grants to, and cooperative agreements with, the National Academy of Sciences to carry out activities under this subsection that the Secretary decides are appropriate. (b) STATE PLANNING AND RESEARCH.—(1) Fifty percent of the amounts made available under section 5338(g)(3) of this title shall be apportioned to States for grants and contracts consistent with the purposes of sections 5303-5306, 5312, 5315, 5317, and 5322 of this title. The amounts shall be apportioned so that each State receives an amount equal to the population in urbanized areas in the State, divided by the population in urbanized areas in all States, as shown by the latest available decennial census. However, a State must receive at least.5 percent of the amount apportioned under this subsection. (2) A State, as the State considers appropriate, may authorize part of the amount made available under this subsection to be used to supplement amounts available under subsection (a) of this section. (3) An amount apportioned under this subsection— (A) remains available for 3 years after the fiscal year in which the amount is apportioned; and (B) that is unobligated at the end of the 3-year period shall be reapportioned among the States for the next fiscal year. (c) GOVERNMENT'S SHARE.— When there would be a clear and direct financial benefit to an entity under a grant or contract financed under subsection (a) of this section, the Secretary shall establish a United States Government share consistent with the benefit. § 5314. National planning and research programs (a) PROGRAM. — (1) The amounts made available under section 5338(g)(4) of this title are available to the Secretary of Transportation for grants and contracts for the purposes of sections 5303-