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108 STAT. 1852 PUBLIC LAW 103-322—SEPT. 13, 1994 (f) the Federal share of the costs of developing and carrying out programs described in subsection (c). (2) FEDERAL SHARE,—The Federal share of such costs shall be no more than— (A) 75 percent for each of fiscal years 1995 and 1996; (B) 70 percent for fiscal year 1997; and (C) 60 percent for fiscal year 1998 and thereafter. (3) NON-FEDERAL SHARE.— (A) IN GENERAL.— The non-Federal share of such costs may be in cash or in kind, fairly evaluated, including plant, equipment, and services (including the services described in subsection (f)(2)(P)), and funds appropriated by the Congress for the activity of any agency of an Indian tribal government or the Bureau of Indian Affairs on any Indian lands may be used to provide the non-Federal share of the costs of programs or projects funded under this subtitle. (B) SPECLU. RULE.—At least 15 percent of the non- Federal share of such costs shall be provided from private or nonprofit sources. (k) EVALUATION.—The Secretary shall conduct a thorough evaluation of the programs assisted under this section, which shall include an assessment of— (1) the number of children participating in each program assisted under this section; (2) the academic achievement of such children; (3) school attendance and graduation rates of such children; and (4) the number of such children being processed by the juvenile justice system. Family and SEC. 30402. FAMILY AND COMMUNITY ENDEAVOR SCHOOLS GRANT Community PROGRAM. Endeavor Schools Act. (a) SHORT TITLE. —This section may be cited as the "Family 42 USC 13792. and Community Endeavor Schools Act". (b) PURPOSE.— It is the purpose of this section to improve the overall development of at-risk children who reside in eligible communities as defined in subsection (1)(3). (c) PROGRAM AUTHORITY.— The Secretary may award grants on a competitive basis to eligible local entities to pay for the Federal share of assisting eligible communities to develop and carry out programs in accordance with this section. No local entity shall receive a grant of less than $250,000 in a fiscal year. Amounts made available through such grants shall remain available until expended. (d) PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS.— (1) IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS.— -A local entity that receives funds under this section shall develop or expand programs that are designed to improve academic and social development by instituting a collaborative structure that trains and coordinates the efforts of teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance counselors, parents, and school volunteers to provide concurrent social services for at-risk students at selected public schools in eligible communities. (2) OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES.—^A local entity that receives funds under this section may develop a variety of programs to serve the comprehensive needs of students, including—