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108 STAT. 2076 PUBLIC LAW 103-322—SEPT. 13, 1994 for program decals or devices under this paragraph by the use of a design color that is clearly distinguishable from other design colors. (3) No NEW CONDITIONS WITHOUT CONSENT. — After the program has begun, the conditions under which a vehicle may be stopped if affixed with a certain decal or device design may not be expanded without the consent of the owner. (4) LIMITED PARTICIPATION BY STATES AND LOCALITIES. — A State or locality need not authorize the stopping of motor vehicles under all sets of conditions specified under the program in order to participate in the program. (e) MOTOR VEHICLES FOR HIRE. — (1) NOTIFICATION TO LESSEES. —Any person who is in the business of renting or leasing motor vehicles and who rents or leases a motor vehicle on which a program decal or device is afilxed shall, prior to transferring possession of the vehicle, notify the person to whom the motor vehicle is rented or leased about the program. (2) TYPE OF NOTICE. — The notice required by this subsection shall— (A) be in writing; (B) be in a prominent format to be determined by the Attorney General; and (C) explain the possibility that if the motor vehicle is operated under the specified conditions, the vehicle may be stopped by law enforcement officials even if the officials have no other basis for believing that the vehicle is being operated unlawfully. (3) FINE FOR FAILURE TO PROVIDE NOTICE. —Failure to provide proper notice under this subsection shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $5,000. (f) NOTIFICATION OF POLICE. — As a condition of participating in the program, a State or locsdity must agree to take reasonable steps to ensure that law enforcement officials throughout the State or locality are familiar with the program, and with the conditions under which motor vehicles may be stopped under the program. (g) REGULATIONS.—The Attorney General shall promulgate regulations to implement this section. (h) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRLVTIONS.— There are authorized to carry out this section. (1) $1,500,000 for fiscal year 1996; (2) $1,700,000 for fiscal year 1997; and (3) $ 1,800,000 for fiscal year 1998. SEC. 220003. ALTERING OR REMOVING MOTOR VEHICLE IDENTIFICA- TION NUMBERS. (a) BASIC OFFENSE.— Subsection (a) of section 511 of title 18, United States Code, is amended to read as follows: "(a) A person who— "(1) knowingly removes, obliterates, tampers with, or alters an identification number for a motor vehicle or motor vehicle part; or "(2) with intent to further the theft of a motor vehicle, knowingly removes, obliterates, tampers with, or alters a decal or device affixed to a motor vehicle pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act,