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108 STAT. 2628 PUBLIC LAW 103-335 —SEPT. 30, 1994 Contracts. Small business. Handicapped persons. SEC. 8043. None of the funds appropriated by this Act shall be available to perform any cost study pursuant to the provisions of OMB Circular A-76 if the study being performed exceeds a period of twenty-four months after initiation of such study with respect to a single function activity or forty-eight months after initiation of such study for a multi-function activity. SEC. 8044. Funds appropriated by this Act for the American Forces Information Service shall not be used for any national or international political or psychological activities. SEC. 8045. Notwithstanding any other provision of law or regulation, the Secretary of Defense may adjust wage rates for civilian employees hired for certain health care occupations as authorized for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs by section 7455 of title 38, United States Code. SEC. 8046. Of the funds made available in this Act, not less than $24,565,000 shall be available for the Civil Air Patrol, of which $13,105,000 shall be available for Operation and Maintenance. SEC. 8047. None of the funds appropriated or made available in this Act shall be used to reduce or disestablish the operation of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the Air Force Reserve, if such action would reduce the WC-130 Weather Reconnaissance mission below the levels funded in this Act. SEC. 8048. (a) Of the funds for the procurement of supplies or services appropriated by this Act, qualified nonprofit agencies for the blind or other severely handicapped shall be afforded the maximum practicable opportunity to participate as subcontractors and suppliers in the performance of contracts let by the Department of Defense. (b) During the current fiscal year, a business concern which has negotiated with a military service or defense agency a subcontracting plan for the participation by small business concerns pursuant to section 8(d) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637(d)) shall be given credit toward meeting that subcontracting goal for any purchases made from qualified nonprofit agencies for the blind or other severely handicapped. (c) For the purpose of this section, the phrase "qualified nonprofit agency for the blind or other severely handicapped" means a nonprofit agency for the blind or other severely handicapped that has been approved by the Committee for the Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped under the Javits-Wagner-0 'Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46-48). SEC. 8049. During the current fiscal year, net receipts pursuant to collections from third party payers pursuant to section 1095 of title 10, United States Code, shall be made available to the local facility of the uniformed services responsible for the collections and shall be over and above the facility's direct budget amount. SEC. 8050. Notwithstanding any other provision of Taw or regulation, ships designated T-AGS 63, T-AGS 64 and T-AGS 65 must utilize remanufactured milspec SASS multibeam sonars: Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy may waive this restriction by certifying in writing to the Committees on Appropriations that an alternative acquisition must be made in order to acquire capability for national security purposes. SEC. 8050A. None of the funds available to the Department of Defense during fiscal year 1995 may be obligated for low rate initial production of the ALR-67(V)3 Advanced Special Receiver