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108 STAT. 2886 PUBLIC LAW 103-337 —OCT. 5, 1994 the Biological Weapons Convention and other international agreements relating to the control of biological weapons. (d) CONTENT OF REPORT. — The report shall include the following: (1) MATTERS RELATED TO COMPLIANCE. — (A) An evaluation of the extent of control and oversight by the government of the Russian Federation over the former Soviet military and dual civilian-military biological warfare programs. (B) The extent, if any, of the biological warfare agent stockpile in any of the independent states of the former Soviet Union. (C) The extent and scope, if any, of continued biological warfare research, development, testing, and production by such states, including the sites and t3T)es of activity at those sites. (D) An evaluation of the effectiveness of possible delivery systems of biological weapons, including tube and rocket artillery, aircraft, and ballistic missiles. (E) An assessment of measures tsiken by the Russian Government to complete the steps noted and agreed to i in the 1992 Joint Statement on Biological Weapons referred to in subsection (b)(3), including a determination of the extent to which Russia has— (i) agreed to permit visits to military and nonmilitary biological sites in order to attempt to resolve ambiguities; (ii) provided information about biological weapons dismantlement accomplished to date, and further clarification of information provided in its United Nations Declarations regarding biological weapons; (iii) been cooperative in exchanging information on a confidential, reciprocal basis concerning past offensive biological weapons programs not recorded in detail in its declarations to the United Nations; (iv) cooperated in reviewing potential additional measures to monitor compliance with the Biological Weapons Convention and modalities for testing such measures; (v) agreed to an examination of the physical infrastructure of its biological facilities to determine whether there is specific equipment or excess capacity inconsistent with their stated purpose; (vi) helped identify ways to promote cooperation and investment in the conversion of biological weapons facilities; and (vii) agreed to exchanges of scientists at biological facilities on a long-term basis. (2) MATTERS RELATED TO UNITED STATES CAPABILITIES. — (A) An evaluation of United States capabilities to detect and monitor biological warfare research, development, testing, production, and storage. (B) On the basis of the assessment and evaluations referred to in other provisions of the report, recommendations by the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the improvement of United States biological warfare defense and counter-measures.