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PUBLIC LAW 103-337 —OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2923 each armed force under the Secretary's jurisdiction. That list shall include the names of all reserve officers of that armed force who are in an active status other than those on an active-duty list described in section 620 of this title or warrant officers (including commissioned warrant officers). "(b) The reserve active-status list for the Army shall include officers in the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard of the United States. The reserve active-status Hst for the Air Force shall include officers in the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard of the United States. The Secretary of the Navy shall maintedn separate lists for the Naval Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve. '*§ 14003. Reserve active-status: position of officers on the list "(a) POSITION ON LIST.— Officers shall be carried on the reserve active-status list of the armed force of which they eire members in the order of seniority of the grade in which they are serving in an active status. Officers serving in the same grade shall be carried in the order of their rank in that grade. " (b) EFFECT ON POSITION HELD BY REASON OF TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT OR ASSIGNMENT.— An officer whose position on the reserve active-status list results from service under a temporary appointment or in a grade held by reason of assignment to a position has, when that appointment or assignment ends, the grade and position on that list that the officer would have held if the officer had not received that appointment or assignment. § 14004. Reserve active-status lists: eligibility for Reserve promotion "Except as otherwise provided by law, an officer must be on a reserve active-status list to be eligible under chapter 1405 of this title for consideration for selection for promotion or for promotion. "§ 14005. Competitive categories "Each officer whose name appears on a reserve active-status list shall be placed in a competitive category. The competitive categories for each armed force shall be specified by the Secretary of the military department concerned under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. Officers in the same competitive category shall compete simong themselves for promotion.

  • '§ 14006. Determination of years in grade

"For the purpose of chapters 1403 through 1411 of this title, an officer's years of service in a grade are computed from the officer's date of rank in grade as determined under section 741(d) of this title. "CHAPTER 1403—SELECTION BOARDS "Sec. "14101. Convening of selection boards. "14102. Selection boards: appointment and composition. "14103. Oath of members. "14104. Confidentiality of board proceedings. "14105. Notice of convening of selection board. "14106. Communication with board by officers under consideration. "14107. Information furnished by the Secretary concerned to promotion boards. 79-194 O—95—10: QL 3 Part 4