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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2935 system under section 14306 of this title, the Secretary may waive the requirements of subsection (a) to the extent the Secretary considers necessary in any case in which the years of service for promotion, or for consideration for promotion, within those zones will exceed the maximum years of service in grade specified in subsection (a). § 14305. Establishment of promotion zones: mandatory consideration for promotion "(a) ESTABLISHMENT OF ZONE. —Before convening a msindatory promotion board under section 14101(a) of this title, the Secretary of the military department concerned shall establish a promotion zone for officers serving in each grade and competitive category to be considered by the board "(b) NUMBER IN THE ZONE. —The Secretary concerned shall determine the num^ber of officers in the promotion zone for officers serving in any grade and competitive category from among officers who are eligible for promotion in that grade and competitive category under the provisions of sections 14303 and 14304 of this title and who are otherwise eligible for promotion. "(c) FACTORS IN DETERMINING NUMBER IN THE ZONE. —The Secretary's deterviination under subsection (b) shall be made on the basis of an estimate of the following: "(1) The number of officers needed in that competitive x category in the next higher grade in each of the next five years. "(2) In the case of a promotion zone for officers to be promoted to a grade to which the maximum years of in grade criteria established in section 14304 of this title apply, the number of officers in that competitive category who are required to be considered for selection for promotion to the next higher grade under that section. "(3) The number of officers that should be placed in the promotion zone in each of the next five years to provide to officers in those years relatively similar opportunities for promotion. "§ 14306. Establishment of promotion zones: Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve running mate system "(a) AUTHORITY OF SECRETARY OF THE NAVY.— The Secretary of the Navy may by regulation implement section 14305 of this title by requiring that the promotion zone for consideration of officers on the reserve active-status list of the Navy or the Marine Corps for promotion to the next higher grade be determined in accordance with a running mate system as provided in subsection (b). "(b) ASSIGNMENT OF RUNNING MATES. — An officer to whom a running mate system applies shall be assigned as a running mate an officer of the same grade on the active-duty list of the same armed force. The officer on the reserve active-status list is in the promotion zone and is eligible for consideration for promotion to the next higher grade by a selection board convened under section 14101(a) of this title when that officer's running mate is in or above the promotion zone established for that officer's grade under chapter 36 of this title. " (c) CONSIDERATION OF OFFICERS BELOW THE ZONE UNDER A RUNNING MATE SYSTEM.—If the Secretary of the Navy authorizes