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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2983 SEC. 1662. LAWS RELATING TO RESERVE COMPONENT PERSONNEL POLICY. (a) STRENGTH AND DISTRIBUTION IN GRADE. —(1) Subtitle E, as added by section 1611, is amended by inserting after part I of such subtitle, as added by section 1661, the following: "PART n—PERSONNEL GENERALLY "Chap. Sec. "1201. Authorized Strengths and Distribution in Grade 12001 "1203. Enhsted Members 12101 "1205. Appointment of Reserve Officers 12201 "1207. Warrant Officers 12241 "1209. Active Duty 12301 "1211. National Guard Members in Federal Service 12401 "12 13. Special Appointments, Assignments, Details, and Duties 12501 "1215. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties [No present sections] "1217. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits 12601 "1219. Standards and Procedures for Retention and Promotion 12641 "1 22 1. Separation 12681 "1223. Retired Pay for Non-Regular Service 12731 "1225. Retired Grade 12771 "CHAPTER 1201—AUTHORIZED STRENGTHS AND DISTRIBUTION IN GRADE "Sec. "12001. Authorized strengths: reserve components. "12002. Authorized strengths: Aimy and Air Force reserve components, exclusive of members on active duty. "12003. Authorized strengths: commissioned officers active status. "12004. Strength in grade: reserve general and flag officers in an active status. "1 2005. Strength in grade: commissioned officers m grades below brigadier general or rear admiral (lower half) in an active status. "12006. Strength limitations: authority to waive in time of war or national emergency. "12007. Reserve officers of the Army: distribution. "12008. Army Reserve and Air Force Reserve: warrant officers. "12009. Army and Air Force reserve components: temporary increases. "12010. Computations for Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve: rule when fraction occurs in final result. "12011. Authorized strengths: reserve officers on active duty or on full-time National Guard duty for administration of the reserves or the National Guard. "12012. Authorized strengths: senior enlisted members on active duty or on fulltime National Guard duty for administration of the reserves or the National Guard. "§ 12001. Authorized strengths: reserve components "(a) Whenever the authorized strength of a reserve component President, (other than the Coast Guard Reserve) is not prescribed by law, it shall be prescribed by the President. "(b) Subject to the authorized strength of the reserve component concerned, the authorized strength of each reserve component (other than the Coast Guard Reserve) in members in each grade is that which the Secretary concerned determines to be necessary to provide for mobilization requirements. The Secretary shall review these determinations at least once each year and revise them if he considers it necessary. However, a member of the reserve component concerned may not, as a result of such a determination, be reduced in the member's reserve grade without the member's consent. "§ 12002. Authorized strengths: Army and Air Force reserve components, exclusive of members on active duty "(a) The authorized strengths of the National Guard £m.d the reserve components of the Army and the Air Force, exclusive of