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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 3051 "(3) The limitation contained in the first sentence of paragraph (1) does not apply to a project for the improvement of a family housing unit or units referred to in that sentence if the project (including the amount requested for the project) is identified in the budget materials submitted to Congress by the Secretary of Defense in connection with the submission to Congress of the budget for a fiscal year pursuant to section 1105 of title 31.". SEC. 2803. LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS FOR NAVY HOUSING. (a) AUTHORITY FOR HOUSING PARTNERSHIPS.—Subchapter II of chapter 169 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section: "§2837. Limited partnerships with private developers of housing "(a) LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS.—(1) In order to meet the housing requirements of members of the naval service, and the dependents of such members, at a military installation described in paragraph (2), the Secretary of the Navy may enter into a limited partnership with one or more private developers to encourage the construction of housing and accessory structures within commuting distance of the installation. The Secretary may contribute not less than five percent, but not more than 35 percent, of the development costs under a limited partnership. "(2) Paragraph (1) applies to a military installation under the jurisdiction of the Secretary at which there is a shortage of suitable housing to meet the requirements of members and dependents referred to in such paragraph. "(b) COLLATERAL INCENTIVE AGREEMENTS. —The Secretary may also enter into collateral incentive agreements with private developers who enter into a limited partnership under subsection (a) to ensure that, where appropriate— "(1) a suitable preference will be afforded members of the naval service in the lease or purchase, as the case may be, of a reasonable number of the housing units covered by the limited partnership; or "(2) the rental rates or sale prices, as the case may be, for some or all of such units will be affordable for such members. "(c) SELECTION OF INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES.— (1) The Secretary shall use publicly advertised, competitively bid or competitively negotiated, contracting procedures, as provided in chapter 137 of this title, to enter into limited partnerships under subsection c (a). "(2) When a decision is made to enter into a limited partnership under subsection (a), the Secretary shall submit a report in writing to the appropriate committees of Congress on that decision. Each such report shall include the justification for the limited partnership, the terms and conditions of the limited partnership, a description of the development costs for projects under the limited partnership, and a description of the share of such costs to be incurred by the Secretary. The Secretary may then enter into the limited partnership only after the end of the 21-day period beginning on the date the report is received by such committees. "(d) ACCOUNT.—(1) There is hereby established on the books of the Treasury an account to be known as the 'Navy Housing Investment Account'. "(2) There shall be deposited into the Account— 79-194 O—95 —14:QL 3 Part 4