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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 3089 expenses to carry out a hazardous materials management and hazardous materials emergency response training program at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Richland, Washington. (b) REQUIREMENT OF CONCEPTUAL DESIGN. —None of the funds authorized to be appropriated under section 3102(c) for project 95-E -600 may be obligated or expended until the Secretary of Energy completes a conceptual design for the project. SEC. 3141. INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR APPLIED RESEARCH. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. —(1) The Secretary of Energy shall establish an International Center for Applied Research at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina. The purpose of the Center is to promote the following activities: (A) The application in the United States of hydrogen technology research derived from tritium production. (B) The development of beneficial uses of nuclear materials. (C) The research and development of innovative methods for the treatment and disposal of nuclear waste. (D) The development of specifications for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the disposition of nuclear materials. (E) The research and development of any technologies that the Secretary considers appropriate and that are likely to be commercialized. (2) The Secretary shall enter into an arrangement to provide Contracts, for the location of the Center at a suitable facility at, or adjacent to, the Savannah River Site. (3) The Secretary shall, using competitive procedures, select a nonprofit entity or a group of nonprofit entities to operate the Center. The Center shall promote activities under paragraph (1) in a manner that accomplishes regional development tlu-ough applied science and technology. (b) AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS.— Of amounts authorized to be appropriated in section 3101(c), $12,000,000 shall be available to establish the Center referred to in subsection (a). Subtitle D—Other Matters SEC. 3151. ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES FOR DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY FUNDS. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary of Energy shall prescribe procedures to account for the use of funds for the performance of the programs and activities of the Department of Energy for which funds are appropriated pursuant to this title for national security programs of the Department of Energy. The procedures shall provide for such accounting for fiscal years beginning after fiscal year 1996. (b) COVERED MATTERS. —The Secretary shall prescribe procedures under subsection (a)— (1) to account for the funds appropriated to the Department pursuant to this title for national security programs and activities of the Department that are not used for the purpose for which such funds were appropriated; and (2) to provide an accounting for all encumbered funds, unencumbered funds, unobligated funds, costed funds, and uncosted obligations of the national security programs of the Department in that fiscal year.