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108 STAT. 3102 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 local disasters, except when required in unusual quantities dictated by the requirements of the emergency preparedness plans. "(5) MATERIALS.—The term 'materials' includes raw materials, supplies, medicines, equipment, component parts and technical information and processes necessary for emergency preparedness. "(6) FACILITIES.— The term 'facilities', except as otherwise provided in this title, includes buildings, shelters, utilities, and land. "(7) DIRECTOR.— The term 'Director' means the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. "(8) NEIGHBORING cou^rTRIES. —The term 'neighboring countries' includes Canada and Mexico. "(9) UNITED STATES AND STATES.—The terms 'United States' and 'States' includes the several States, the District of Columbia, and territories and possessions of the United States. "(10) STATE. —The term 'State' includes interstate emergency preparedness authorities established under section 611(h). "(b) CROSS REFERENCE. —The terms 'national defense' and 'defense,' as used in the Defense Production Act of 1950 (50 U.S.C. App. 2061 et seq.), includes emergency preparedness activities conducted pursuant to this title. 42 USC 5195b. "SEC. 603. ADMINISTRATION OF TITLE. "This title shall be carried out by the Director of the Federal Emergency Msmagement Agency. "Subtitle A—Powers and Duties / 42 USC 5196. "SEC. 611. DETAILED FUNCTIONS OF ADMINISTRATION. "(a) IN GENERAL.— In order to carry out the policy described in section 601, the Director shall have the authorities provided in this section. "(b) FEDERAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANS AND PROGRAMS. — The Director may prepare Federal response plans and programs for the emergency preparedness of the United States and sponsor and direct such plans and programs. To prepare such plans and programs and coordinate such plans and programs with State efforts, the Director may request such reports on State plans and operations for emergency preparedness as may be necessary to keep the President, Congress, and the States advised of the status of emergency preparedness in the United States. "(c) DELEGATION OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS RESPONSIBIL- ITIES. —With the approval of the President, the Director may delegate to other departments and agencies of the Federal Government appropriate emergency preparedness responsibilities and review and coordinate the emergency preparedness activities of the departments and agencies with each other and with the activities of the States and neighboring countries. "(d) COMMUNICATIONS AND WARNINGS. —The Director may make appropriate provision for necessary emergency preparedness communications and for dissemination of warnings to the civilian population of a hazard.