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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 3107 Director notifies the States of the allocations under this section, the Director may reallocate such funds, or portions thereof, among the other States in such amounts as, in the judgment of the Director, will best assure the adequate development of the emergency preparedness capability of the United States. "(g) ANNUAL REPORTS.— The Director shall report annually to the Congress all contributions made pursuant to this section. " SEC. 614. REQUIREMENT FOR STATE MATCHING FUNDS FOR 42 USC 5196c. CONSTRUCTION OF EMERGENCY OPERATING CENTERS. "Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, funds appropriated to carry out this title may not be used for the purpose of constructing emergency operating centers (or similar facilities) in any State unless such State matches in an equal amount the amount made available to such State under this title for such purpose. "SEC. 615. USE OF FUNDS TO PREPARE FOR AND RESPOND TO HAZ- ARDS. "Funds made available to the States under this title may be used by the States for the purposes of preparing for hazards and providing emergency assistance in response to hazards. Regulations prescribed to carry out this section shall authorize the use of emergency preparedness personnel, materials, and facilities supported in whole or in part through contributions under this title for emergency preparedness activities and measures related to hazards. "Subtitle B—General Provisions 42 USC 5196d. " SEC. 621. ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITY. "(a) IN GENERAL.— For the purpose of carrying out the powers 42 USC 5197. and duties assigned to the Director under this title, the Director may exercise the administrative authorities provided under this section. "(b) ADVISORY PERSONNEL.— (1) The Director may employ not more than 100 part-time or temporary advisory personnel (including not to exceed 25 subjects of the United Kingdom or citizens of Canada) as the Director considers to be necessary in carrying out the provisions of this title. "(2) Persons holding other offices or positions under the United States for which they receive compensation, while serving as advisory personnel, shall receive no additional compensation for such service. Other part-time or temporary advisory personnel so employed may serve without compensation or may receive compensation at a rate not to exceed $180 for each day of service, plus authorized subsistence and travel, as determined by the Director. " (c) SERVICES OF OTHER AGENCY PERSONNEL AND VOLUN- TEERS. — The Director may— "(1) use the services of Federal agencies and, with the consent of any State or local government, accept and use the services of State and local agencies; "(2) establish and use such regional and other offices as may be necessary; and "(3) use such voluntary and uncompensated services by individuals or organizations as may from time to time be needed.