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108 STAT. 2692 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 (A) to the extent that the fiscal year 1995 current operating plan of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration allocates at least an equal amount for its Reusable Space Laiuich program; and (B) as specified in the program plan developed and submitted to Congress pursuant to subsection (f). (2) Not more than $30,000,000 of the funds authorized in subsection (d)(2) may be obligated until 30 days after the Secretary of Defense submits to Congress prograri plans, including objectives, milestones, future years defense program funding, and governmentindustry cost sharing considerations, as applicable. SEC. 212. STANDOFF AIR-TO-SURFACE MUNITIONS TECHNOLOGY DEM- ONSTRATION. (a) IN GENERAL. —(1) Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201(3), up to $2,000,000 may be used for the conduct of a demonstration of existing nondevelopmental items that would enable the use of a single adaptor kit for munitions described in paragraph (2) in order to give those munitions a near-term standoff and accurate guided capability. Such kits should be able to be integrated into aircraft at minimal or no cost. (2) Paragraph (1) applies to guided and unguided in-inventory munitions of the class of 1,000 pounds and below. (b) REPORT. — The Secretary of the Air Force shall submit to Congress a report setting forth in detail the results and costs of the demonstration under subsection (a) and the applicability of the technology demonstrated in providing the Armed Forces with an inexpensive near-term solution to providing both range extension and accurate guided capability to in-inventory munitions. SEC. 213. EXTENSION OF PROmBITION ON TESTING MID-INFRARED ADVANCED CHEMICAL LASER AGAINST AN OBJECT IN SPACE. (a) PROHIBITION.— The Secretary of Defense may not carry out a test of the Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL) transmitter and associated optics against an object in space during fiscal year 1995 unless such testing is specifically authorized by law. (b) CERTAIN TESTING UNAFFECTED.—Nothing in this section is intended to restrict the use of the Sealite Beam Director for the purpose of calibrating a satellite sensor, or for the purpose of imaging an object in space, in conjunction with a laser device other than the MIRACL device operating at an average power level not to exceed that used by other laser devices as of January 1, 1994, at other Department of Defense facilities for those purposes, SEC. 214. APPLICABILITY OF CERTAIN ELECTRONIC COMBAT SYSTEMS TESTING REQUIREMENTS. (a) COVERED SYSTEMS.— Subsection (a) of section 220 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994 (Public Law 103-160; 107 Stat. 1589) is amended— (1) by inserting "ACAT I level integrated or stand-alone" before "electronic combat system"; and (2) by inserting "ACAT I level integrated or stand-alone" before "command, control, and communications countermeasure system". (b) APPLICABILITY. — Subsection (e) of section 220 of such Act is amended to read as follows: