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108 STAT. 3244 PUBLIC LAW 103-355—OCT. 13, 1994 Sec. 1055. Acquisition of expert services. SUBPART B—PLANNING, SOLICITATION, EVALUATION, AND AWARD Sec. 1061. Solicitation, evaluation, and award. Sec. 1062. Solicitation provision regarding evaluation of purchase options. Sec. 1063. Prompt notice of award. Sec. 1064. Post-award debriefings. Sec. 1065. Protest file. Sec. 1066. Agency actions on protests. SUBPART C—GRINDS OF CONTRACTS Sec. 1071. Repeal of agency head determination regarding use of cost type or incentive contract. Sec. 1072. Multiyear contracting authority. Sec. 1073. Severable services contracts crossing fiscal years. Sec. 1074. Economy Act purchases. PART III—ACQUISITIONS GENERALLY Sec. 1091. Policy regarding consideration of contractor past performance. Sec. 1092. Repeal of requirement for annual report on competition. Sec. 1093. Discouragement of nonstandard contract clauses. Subtitle B—Truth in Negotiations PART I—ARMED SERVICES ACQUISITIONS Sec. 1201. Stabilization of dollar threshold of applicability. Sec. 1202. Exceptions to cost or pricing data requirements. Sec. 1203. Restrictions on additional authority to require cost or pricing data or other information. Sec. 1204. Additional special rules for commercial items. Sec. 1205. Right of United States to examine contractor records. Sec. 1206. Required regulations. Sec. 1207. Consistency of time references. Sec. 1208. Exception for transfers between divisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Sec. 1209. Coverage of Coast Guard and NASA for interest and payments on certain overpayments. Sec. 1210. Repeal of superseded provision. PART II—CIVILIAN AGENCY ACQUISITIONS Sec. 1251. Revision of civilian agency provisions to ensure imiform treatment of cost or pricing data. Sec. 1252. Repeal of obsolete provision. Subtitle C—Research and Development Sec. 1301. Research projects. Subtitle D—Procurement Protests PART I—PROTESTS TO THE COMPTROLLER GENERAL Sec. 1401. Protest defined. Sec. 1402. Review of protests and effect on contracts pending decision. Sec. 1403. Decisions on protests. Sec. 1404. Regulations. PART II—PROTESTS IN PROCUREMENTS OF AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING Sec. 1431. Revocation of delegations of procurement authority. Sec. 1432. Authority of the General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals. Sec. 1433. Periods for certain actions. Sec. 1434. Dismissals of protests. Sec. 1435. Award of costs. Sec. 1436. Dismissal agreements. Sec. 1437. Matters to be covered in regulations. Sec. 1438. Definition of protest. Sec. 1439. Oversight of acquisition of automatic date processing equipment by Federal agencies. Subtitle E—Policy, Definitions, and Other Matters PART I—ARMED SERVICES ACQUISITIONS Sec. 1501. Repeal of poUcy statement.