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108 STAT. 3246 PUBLIC LAW 103-355—OCT. 13, 1994 Sec. 2402. Contractor guarantees regarding weapon systems. PART II—ACQUISITIONS GENERALLY ' Sec. 2451. Section 3737 of the Revised Statutes: expansion of authority to prohibit setoffs against assignees; reorganization of section; revision of obsolete provisions. Sec. 2452. Repeal of requirement for deposit of contracts with GAO. Sec. 2453. Repeal of obsolete deadline regarding procedural regulations for the Cost Accounting Standards Board. Sec. 2454. Codification of accounting requirement for contracted advisory and assistance services. Sec. 2455. Uniform suspension and debarment. TITLE m—SERVICE SPECIFIC AND MAJOR SYSTEMS STATUTES Subtitle A—Msyor Systems Statutes Sec. 3001. Weapon development and procurement schedules. Sec. 3002. Selected acquisition report requirement. Sec. 3003. Unit cost report requirement. Sec. 3004. Requirement for independent cost estimate and manpower estimate before development or production. Sec. 3005. Baseline description. Sec. 3006. Repeal of requirement for competitive prototyping for major programs. Sec. 3007. Repeal of requirement for competitive alternative sources for mtgor programs. Subtitle B—Testing Statutes Sec. 3011. Authority of Director of Operational Test and Evaluation to communicate views directly to Secretary of Defense. Sec. 3012. Responsibility of Director of Operational Test and Evaluation for live fire testing. Sec. 3013. Requirement for unclassified version of annual report on operational test and evaluation. Sec. 3014. Survivability and lethality testing. Sec. 3015. Limitation on quantities to be procured for low-rate initial production. Subtitle C—Service Specific Laws Sec. 3021. Gratuitous services of officers of certain reserve components. Sec. 3022. Authority to rent samples, drawings, and other information to others. Sec. 3023. Repeal of application of Public Contracts Act to certain naval vessel contracts. Sec. 3024. Repeal of requirement for construction of vessels on Pacific coast. Sec. 3025. Scientific investigation and reseeutih for the Navy. Subtitle D—Civil Reserve Air Fleet Sec. 3031. Definitions. Sec. 3032. Consolidation of provisions relating to contractual commitment of aircraft. Sec. 3033. Use of military installations by contractors. Subtitle E—Miscellaneous Sec. 3061. Regulations on procurement, production, warehousing, and supply distribution functions. Sec. 3062. Repeal of requirements regarding product evaluation activities. Sec. 3063. Department of Defense acquisition of intellectual property rights. Sec. 3064. Liquid fuels and natural gas: contracts for storage, handling, or distribution. Sec. 3065. Codification {md revision of limitation on lease of vessels, aircraft, and vehicles. Sec. 3066. Soft drink supplies. Sec. 3067. Disbursement of funds of military department to cover obligations of another agency of Department of Defense. TITLE IV^-SIMPLIFIED ACQUISITION THRESHOLD Subtitle A—Establishment of Threshold Sec. 4001. Simplified acquisition threshold defined. Sec. 4002. Establishment of simplified acquisition threshold for armed services. Sec. 4003. Establishment of simplified acquisition threshold for civilian agencies. Sec. 4004. Small business reservation.