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PUBLIC LAW 103-355—OCT. 13, 1994 108 STAT. 3407 "SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE; TABLE OF CONTENTS. "(a) SHORT TITLE.—T his Act may be cited as the Tederal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949'. "(b) TABLE OF CONTENTS. —The table of contents for this Act is as follows: "Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents. "Sec. 2. Declaration of policy. "Sec. 3. Definitions. "TITLE I —ORGANIZATION "Sec. 101. General Services Administration. "Sec. 102. Transfer of affairs of Bureau of Federal Supply. "Sec. 103. Transfer of affairs of the Federal Works Agency. "Sec. 104. Records management: Transfer of the National Archives. "Sec. 106. Redistribution of functions. "Sec. 107. Transfer of funds. "Sec. 109. General sup^y fund. "Sec. 110. Information Technology Fund. "Sec. 111. Automatic data processing equipment. "Sec. 112. Federal information centers. "TITLE 11—PROPERTY MANAGEMENT "Sec. 201. Procurement, warehousing, and related activities. "Sec. 202. Property utilization. "Sec. 203. Disposal of surplus property. "Sec. 204. Proceeds from transfer or (disposition of property. "Sec. 205. PoUcies, regulations, and delegations. "Sec. 206. Surveys, st^dardization, tmd cataloging. "Sec. 207. Applicability of antitrust laws. "Sec. 208. Emplo3mient of personnel. "Sec. 209. Civil remedies and penalties. " Sec. 210. Operation of buildings and related activities. "Sec. 211. Miotor vehicle identification and operation. "Sec. 212. Reports to Congress. "TITLE III—PROCUREMENT PROCEDURE "Sec. 301. Declaration of purpose. "Sec. 302. Application ana procurement methods. "Sec. 302A. Simplified acquisition threshold. "Sec. 302B. Implementation of simplified acquisition procedures. "Sec. 302C. Implementation of FACNET capability. "Sec. 303. Competition requirements. "Sec. 303A. Planning and solicitation requirements. "Sec. 303B. Evaluation and award. "Sec. 303C. Encouragement of new competition. "Sec. 303D. Validation of proprietary data restrictions. "Sec. 303F. Economic order quantities. "Sec. 303G. Prohibition of contractors limiting subcontractor sales directly to the United States. "Sec. 303H. Task and delivery order contracts: general authority. "Sec. 3031. Task order contracts: advisory and assistance services. "Sec. 303J. Task and delivery order contracts: orders. "Sec. 303K. Task and delivery order contracts: definitions. "Sec. 303L. Severable services contracts for periods crossing fiscal years. "Sec. 304. Contract requirements. "Sec. 304A. Cost or pricing data: truth in negotiations. "Sec. 304B. Multiyear contracts. "Sec. 304C. Examination of records of contractor. "Sec. 305. Contract financing. "Sec. 306. Allowable costs. "Sec. 307. Administrative determinations and delegations. "Sec. 309. Definitions. "Sec. 310. Statutes not applicable. "Sec. 311. Assignment ana delegation of procurement functions and responsibilities. "Sec. 312. Determinations and. decisions. "Sec. 313. Performance based management: acquisition programs. "Sec. 314. Relationship of commercial item provisions to other provisions of law. "Sec. 314A. Definitions relating to procurement of commercial items. "Sec. 314B. Preference for acquisition of commercial items.