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108 STAT. 3424 PUBLIC LAW 103-359—OCT. 14, 1994 Sec. 603. Identification of constituent components of base intelligence budget. Sec. 604. Definitions. TITLE VII—CLASSIFICATION MANAGEMENT Sec. 701. Classification and declassification of information. Sec. 702. Declassification plan. TITLE VIII—COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY Sec. 801. Short title. Sec. 802. Access to classified information. Sec. 803. Rewards for information concerning espionage. Sec. 804. Criminal forfeiture for violation of certain espionajge laws. Sec. 805. Denial of annuities or retired pay to persons convicted of espionage in foreign courts involving United States information. Sec. 806. Postemployment assistance for certain terminated intelligence employees of the Department of Defense. Sec. 807. Providing a court order process for physical searches undertaken for foreign intelligence purposes. Sec. 808. Lesser criminal offense for unauthorized removal of classified documents. Sec. 809. Reports on foreign industrial espionage. Sec. 810. Countemarcotics targets funding. Sec. 811. Coordination of counterintelligence activities. TITLE—COMMISSION ON THE ROLES AND CAPABILITIES OF THE UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY Sec. 901. Establishment. Sec. 902. Composition and qualifications. Sec. 903. Duties of the Commission. Sec. 904. Reports. Sec. 905. Powers. Sec. 906. Personnel matters. Sec. 907. Payment of Commission expenses. Sec. 908. Termination of the Commission. Sec. 909. Definitions. TITLE I—INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES SEC. 101. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. Funds are hereby authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 1995 for the conduct of the inteUigence and inteUigence-related activities of the following elements of the United States Government: (1) The Central Intelligence Agency. (2) The Department of Defense. (3) The Defense Intelligence Agency. (4) The National Security Agency. (5) The National Reconnaissance Office. (6) The Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, and the Department of the Air Force. (7) The Department of State. (8) The Department of the Treasury. (9) The Department of Energy. (10) The Federal Bureau of Investigation. (11) The Drug Enforcement Administration. (12) The Central Imagery Office. SEC. 102. CLASSIFIED SCHEDULE OF AUTHORIZATIONS. (a) SPECIFICATIONS OF AMOUNTS AND PERSONNEL CEILINGS.— The amounts authorized to be appropriated under section 101, and the authorized personnel ceilings as of September 30, 1995, for the conduct of the intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the elements listed in such section, are those specified in the classified Schedule of Authorizations prepared to accompany the