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PUBLIC LAW 103-434—OCT. 31, 1994 108 STAT. 4529 the CAP subcontract of the city of Prescott to pro/ide funds for deposit into the Verde River Basin Water Fund established pursuant to section 106. SEC. 106. REPLACEMENT WATER FUND; CONTRACTS. (a) FUND. —The Secretary shall establish a fund to be known as the "Verde River Basin Water Fund" (hereinafter called the "Fund") to provide replacement water for the CAP water relinquished by the Tribe and by Prescott. Moneys in the Fund shall be available without fiscal year limitations. (b) CONTENT OF FUND.— The Fund shall consist of moneys obtained through the assignment or purchase of the contract and subcontract referenced in section 105, appropriations as authorized in section 109, and any moneys returned to the Fund pursuant to subsection (d) of this section. (c) PAYMENTS FROM FUND.— The Secretary shall, subsequent to the publication of a statement of findings as provided in section 112(a), promptly cause to be paid from the Fund to the Tribe the amounts deposited to the Fund from the assignment or purchase of the Tribe's CAP contract, and, to the city of Prescott, the amounts deposited to the Fund from the assignment or purchase of the city's CAP subcontract. (d) CONTRACTS.— The Secretary shall require, as a condition precedent to the payment of any moneys pursuant to subsection (c), that the Tribe and Prescott agree, by contract with the Secretary, to establish fcnist accounts into which the payments would be deposited and administered, to use such moneys consistent with the purpose and intent of section 107, to provide for audits of such accounts, and for the repayment to the Fund, with interest, any amount determined by the Secretary not to have been used within the purpose and intent of section 107. SEC. 107. EXPENDITURES OF FUNDS. (a) BY THE CITY. —All moneys paid to Prescott for relinquishing its CAP subcontract and deposited into a trust account pursuant to section 106(d), shall be used for the purposes of defraying expenses associated with the investigation, acquisition or development of alternative sources of water to replace the CAP water relinquished under this title. Alternative sources shall be understood to include, but not be limited to, retirement of agricultural land and acquisition of associated water rights, development of ground water resources outside the Prescott Active Management Area established pursuant to the laws of the State of Arizona, and artificial recharge; except that none of the moneys paid to Prescott may be used for construction or renovation of the city's existing waterworks or water delivery system. (b) BY THE TRIBE.— All funds paid to the Tribe for relinquishing its CAP contract and deposited into a trust account pursuant to section 106(d), shall be used to defray its water service costs under the Water Service Agreement or to develop and maintain facilities for on-reservation water or effluent use. (c) No PER CAPITA PAYMENTS.— NO amount of the Tribe's portion of the Fund may be used to make per capita payments to any member of the Tribe, nor may any amount of any payment made pursuant to section 106(c) be distributed as a dividend or per capita pa5anent to any constituent, member, shareholder, director or employee of Prescott.