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PUBLIC LAW 103-434—OCT. 31, 1994 108 STAT. 4555 under applicable Federal, State, and tribal law, cooperate with the State of Washington to facilitate water and water right transfers, water banking, dry year options, the sale and leasing of water, and other innovative allocation tools used to maximize the utility of existing Yakima River basin water supplies. (3) The Secretary may, consistent with applicable law, use funds appropriated to carry out this section for the purchase or lease of land, water, or water rights from any entity or individual willing to limit or forego water use on a temporary or permanent basis. Funds used for purchase or lease under this paragraph are not subject to the cost sharing provisions of subsection (d). Efforts to acquire water should be made immediately upon availability of funds to meet the three-year goal specified in section 1205(a)(4) to provide water to be used by the Yakima Project Superintendent under the advisement of the System Operations Advisory Committee for instream flow purposes. The use of Basin Conservation Program funds under this paragraph are in addition to those specifically authorized to be appropriated by subsection (j)(4). (4) On-farm water management improvements shall be coordinated with programs administered by the Secretary of Agriculture and State conservation districts. (j) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. —T here is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary, at September 1990 prices, plus or minus such amounts as may be justified by reason of ordinary fluctuations of applicable cost indexes, the following amounts for the Basin Conservation Program: (1) $1,000,000 for the development of water conservation plans. (2) $4,000,000 for investigation of specific potential water conservation measures identified in conservation plans for consideration for implementing through the Basin Conservation Program. (3) Up to $67,500,000 for design, implementation, postimplementation monitoring and evaluation of measures, and addressing environmental impacts. (4) Up to $10,000,000 for the initial acquisition of water from willing sellers or lessors specifically to provide instream flows for interim periods to facilitate the outward migration of anadromous fish flushing flows. Such funds shall not be subject to the cost sharing provisions of subsection (d). (5) $100,000 annually for the establishment and support of the Conservation Advisory Group during its duration. Such funds shall be available for travel and per diem, rental of meeting rooms, typing, printing and mailing, and associated administrative needs. The Secretary and the State of Washington shall provide appropriate staff support to the Conservation Advisory Group. SEC. 1204. YAKAMA INDIAN NATION. (a) WAPATO IRRIGATION PROJECT IMPROVEMENTS AND APPRO- PRIATIONS. —(1) The Yakama Indian Nation's proposed system improvements to the Wapato Irrigation Project, as well as the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Irrigation Demonstration Project and the Toppenish Creek corridor enhancement project, pursuant to this title shall be coordinated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.