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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3605 the community, through applied and interactive teaching methodologies, team teaching strategies, learning opportunities connecting school, the workplace, and the community, and career exploration, awareness, and career guidance opportunities. "(2) EVALUATION.— The Secretary shall evaluate the demonstration projects supported under this title, using rigorous methodological designs and techniques, including control groups and random assignment, to the extent feasible, to produce reliable evidence of effectiveness. "(b) PARTNERSHIPS. —From funds appropriated under section 1002(g)(2) for any fiscal year, the Secretary may, directly or through grants or contracts, work in partnership with State educational agencies, local educational agencies, other public agencies, and nonprofit organizations to disseminate and use the highest quality research and knowledge about effective practices to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools assisted under this title. " SEC. 1503. INNOVATIVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TRANSITION 20 USC 6493. PROJECTS. "(a) IN GENERAL. —From the amount appropriated under section 1002(g)(2), the Secretary shall provide not less than $10,000,000, but not more than $40,000,000 to support innovative transition projects in elementary schools authorized under this section. "(b) GRANTS.— "(1) LOCAL PROGRAMS.— The Secretary shall award grants to local educational agencies (including such agencies that operate Follow Through programs. Even Stsirt, and other comparable programs) that have formed consortia with early childhood programs (including Head Start, where available) for the purpose of supporting projects, for children from low-income families who previously attended a Head Start program, Even Start program, or similar preschool program, which provide education and other services in early elementary grades. "(2) PURPOSES OF PROJECTS. — The purposes of projects assisted under this section are to— "(A) assist eligible children and their families in making a successful transition from preschool through the early elementary grades; "(B) enable eligible children to achieve challenging academic standards through a model, developmentally appropriate, instructional program; and "(C) support the active involvement of parents in the education of their children. "(3) COMPONENTS.— ^A program assisted under this subsection— "(A) shall provide transition to elementary school activities, such as— "(i) development of a transition plan for each child which provides for instruction, support, and assistance through the third grade; "(ii) transfer of each child's preschool records to the elementary school (with parental consent); "(iii) formal meetings between a child's parent, preschool teacher, and kindergarten or first grade teacher; and