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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3619 Project sites needed, and the future of the program is in jeopardy without secure financial support; "(Q) the National Writing Project has become a model for programs in other fields, such as science, mathematics, history, literature, foreign languages, and the performing arts, and the development of programs in other fields should continue with the support of Federal funds; and "(R) each of the 50 States should participate in the National Teacher Training Project by establishing regional teacher training sites in early childhood development, mathematics, science, English, civics and government, foreign languages, and arts to serve all teachers within the State. "(3) DEFINITIONS.— For the purpose of this section— "(A) the term 'contractor* means— "(i) a local educational agency; "(ii) an educational service agency; or "(iii) an institution of higher education that awards a bachelor's degree; and "(B) the term 'eligible recipient' means a nonprofit educational organization which has as its primary purpose the improvement of student learning in one of the core academic subjects described in subsection (b)(2). " (b) GRANTS AUTHORIZED. — " (1) GRANTS TO ELIGIBLE RECIPIENTS.— The Secretary is authorized to award a grant to an eligible recipient to enable such recipient— "(A) to support and promote the establishment of teacher training programs in esirly childhood development and one of the nine core subject areas described in paragraph (2), including the dissemination of effective practices and research findings regarding teacher training, and administrative activities; "(B) to support classroom research on effective teaching practices in such area; and "(C) to pay the Federal share of the cost of such programs and research. "(2) CORE SUBJECT AREAS. —TO the extent feasible, the Secretary shall award a grant under paragraph (1) for the establishment of a National Teacher Training Project in early childhood development and each of the following core subject areas: " (A) Mathematics. "(B) Science. " (C) English. "(D) Civics and government. "(E) Foreign languages. "(F) Arts. "(G) Geography. " (H) History. "(I) Economics. " (3) NUMBER OF GRANTS AND ELIGIBLE RECIPIENTS. —The Secretary shall award not more than ten grants under paragraph (1) to ten different eligible recipients. "(4) EQUITABLE DiSTRiBUTiON.The Secretary shall award grants under paragraph (1) to eligible recipients from different geographic areas of the United States. 79-194 O—95—5:QL3Part5