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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3655 "(B) expand professiongil development opportunities for teachers; "(C) contribute to achievement of the National Education Goals; and "(D) expand lesiming opportunities for everyone. ••SEC. 3203. PURPOSE. 20 USC 6893. "It is the purpose of this part to encourage improved instruction in mathematics, science, and foreign languages as well as other subjects, such as literacy skills and vocational education, and to serve underserved populations, including the disadvantaged, illiterate, limited-English proficient, and individuals with disabilities, through a star schools program under which grants are made to eligible telecommunication partnerships to enable such partnerships to— "(1) develop, construct, acquire, maintain and operate telecommunications audio and visual facilities and equipment; "(2) develop sand acquire educational and instructional programming; and "(3) obtain technical assistance for the use of such facilities _ and instructional programming. ^ "SEC. 3204. GRANTS AUTHORIZED. 20 USC 6894. "(a) AUTHORITY. —The Secretary, through the Office of Educational Technology, is authorized to make grants, in accordance with the provisions of this part, to eligible entities to pay the Federal share of the cost of— "(1) the development, construction, acquisition, maintenance and operation of telecommunications facilities and equipment; "(2) the development and acquisition of live, interactive instructional programming; "(3) the development and acquisition of preservice and inservice teacher training programs based on established research regarding teacher-to-teacher mentoring, effective skill transfer, and ongoing, in-class instruction; "(4) the establishment of teleconferencing facilities and resources for making interactive training available to teachers; \ "(5) obtaining technical assistance; and "(6) the coordination of the design and connectivity of telecommunications networks to reach the greatest number of schools. "(b) DURATION.— "(1) IN GENERAL. — The Secretary shall award grants pursuant to subsection (a) for a period of 5 years. "(2) RENEWAli. — Grants awarded pursuant to subsection (a) may be renewed for one additional three-year period. "(c) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. — "(1) IN GENERAL. —There are authorized to be appropriated $35,000,000 for fiscal year 1995, and such sums as may be necessary for each of the four succeeding fiscal years, to carry out this part. "(2) AVAILABILITY.—Funds appropriated pursuant to the authority of subsection (a) shall remain available until expended. "(d) LIMITATIONS. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— A grant under this section shall not exceed—