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108 STAT. 3744 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 dren simultaneously with students with similar educational needs, in the same educational settings where appropriate. 20 USC 7548. "SEC. 7308. REPORTS. "(a) BIENNIAL REPORT.—Each State educationgd agency receiving funds under this part shall submit, once every two years, a report to the Secretary concerning the expenditure of funds by local educational agencies under this part. Each local educational agency receiving funds under this part shall submit to the State educational agency such information as may be necessary for such report. "(b) REPORT TO CONGRESS. —The Secretary shall submit, once every two years, a report to the appropriate committees of the Congress concerning programs assisted under this part in accordance with section 14701. 20 USC 7549. "SEC. 7309. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. "For the purpose of carrying out this part, there are authorized to be appropriated $100,000,000 for fiscal year 1995 and such sums as may be necessary for each of the four succeeding fiscal years. " PART D—ADMINISTRATION 20 USC 7571. "SEC. 7401. RELEASE TIME. 'The Secretary shall allow professional development programs funded under part A to use funds provided under part A for professional release time to enable individuals to participate in programs assisted under part A. 20 USC 7572. "SEC. 7402. EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY. "Funds made available under part A may be used to provide for the acquisition or development of education technology or instructional materials, including authentic materials in languages other than English, access to and participation in electronic networks for materials, training and communications, and incorporation of such resources in curricula and programs such as those funded under this title. 20 USC 7573. "SEC. 7403. NOTIFICATION. 'The State educational agency, and when applicable, the State board for postsecondary education, shall be notified within three working days of the date an award under part A is made to an eligible entity within the State. 20 USC 7574. " SEC. 7404. CONTINUED ELIGIBILITY. "Entities receiving grants under this title shall remain eligible for grants for subsequent activities which extend or expand and do not duplicate those activities supported by a previous grant under this title. In considering applications for grants under this title, the Secretary shall take into consideration the applicant's record of accomplishments under previous grants under this title. 20 USC 7575. "SEC. 7405. COORDINATIONS AND REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. "(a) COORDINATION WiTH RELATED PROGRAMS. — In order tO maximize Federal efforts aimed at serving the educational needs of children and youth of limited-English proficiency, the Secretary shall coordinate and ensure close cooperation with other programs