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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3823 programs for the identification and education of gifted and talented students and the appropriate use of gifted and talented programs and methods to serve all students; "(6) programs of technical assistance and information dissemination, including how gifted and talented programs and methods, where appropriate, may be adapted for use by all students; and "(7) carrying out— "(A) research on methods and techniques for identifying and teaching gifted and talented students, and for using gifted and talented programs and methods to serve all students; and "(B) program evaluations, surveys, and the collection, £malysis, and development of information needed to accomplish the purposes of this part. "(c) ESTABLISHMENT OF NATIONAL CENTER. — "(1) IN GENERAL. — The Secretary (after consultation with Grants, experts in the field of the education of gifted and talented Contracts, students) shall establish a National Center for Research and Development in the Education of Gifted and Talented Children and Youth through grants to or contracts with one or more institutions of higher education or State educational agency, or a combination or consortium of such institutions and agencies, for the purpose of carrying out activities described in paragraph (7) of subsection (b). (2) DIRECTOR.— Such National Center shall have a Director. The Secretary may authorize the Director to carry out such functions of the National Center as may be agreed upon through arrangements with other institutions of higher education. State or local educational agencies, or other public or private agencies and organizations. (d) LIMITATION. — Not more than 30 percent of the funds available in any fiscal year to carry out the programs and projects authorized by this section may be used to conduct activities pursuant to subsection (b)(7) or (c). "(e) COORDINATION. —Research activities supported under this section— "(1) shall be carried out in consultation with the Office of Educational Research and Improvement to ensure that such activities are coordinated with and enhance the research and development activities supported by such Office; and "(2) may include collaborative research activities which are jointly funded and carried out with such Office. "SEC. 10205. PROGRAM PMaRITIES. 20 USC 8035. "(a) GENERAL PRIORITY. —In the administration of this part the Secretary shall give highest priority— "(1) to the identification of and the provision of services to gifted and talented students who may not be identified and served through traditional assessment methods (including economically disadvantaged individuals, individuals of limited- English proficiency, and individueds with disabilities); and "(2) to programs and projects designed to develop or improve the capability of schools in an entire State or region of the Nation through cooperative efforts and participation of State and local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, and other public and private agencies and organizations